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Top 10 Stroller-Friendly Trails in Raleigh

We are well into summer and perhaps your running out of suggestions to entertain those kiddos? One of our favorite ways to spend a morning is by going for a walk (or run!) in nature. Big kids love the opportunity to run and explore but having a little one in a stroller can make some of your favorite trails inaccessible. The next time you want to head out for a walk or run, with a friend or with our run club, consider some of these guaranteed stroller friendly trails.

Lake Johnson East Loop Trail

  • Where? Lake Johnson NaturePark

  • Distance? 2.8 miles

  • Time? Approximately an hour

This beautiful trail is open year round, is wonderful for hiking, birdwatching, and welcomes dogs on leash.

Shelley Lake Trail

  • Where? Shelley Sertoma Park

  • Distance? 2.2 miles

  • Time? Approximately 45 minutes

This mostly shaded path is beautiful and offers little corners to tuck in to and enjoy the beautiful lake view. I used to drop my oldest off for art class at the Sertoma Arts Center and enjoy a walk with the baby while we waited. Our July 15th free run/walk will be held at this park with playground time to follow!

North Carolina Museum of Art Park

  • Where? Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park

  • Distance? 1.7 miles

  • Time? Approximately 35 minutes

This is always a family favorite. We love admiring the art, enjoying the stroll, watching the pond wildlife, and finishing up by the sand pit for a snack and bathroom break.

Walnut Creek Trail

  • Where? Southern Raleigh

  • Distance? 12.7 miles

  • Time? Approximately 4 hours

Full disclosure, while this trail is technically stroller friendly, it takes a very patient kid to complete the whole thing. But a portion of it would be great!

Mine Creek Trail: Ironwood Section

  • Where? Shelley Sertoma Park

  • Distance? 2.4 miles

  • Time? Approximately 45 minutes

This is an easy, paved greenway trail conveniently located so you can escape into nature in the center of Raleigh.

South Turkey Creek Trail

  • Where? William B. Umstead State Park

  • Distance? 3.3 miles

  • Time? Approximately 1 hour

One of the many trails at Umstead Park, this trail connects the Reedy Creek Trail to the North Turkey Creek and Cedar Ridge Trails.

Crabtree Creek Greenway Trail

  • Where? Laurel Hills Park

  • Distance? 14.9 miles

  • Time? Approximately 4.5 hours

This is a fun trail to come back to because you can pick different sections every time. It can get a bit crowded at times.

Abbots Creek Trail

  • Where? Green Hills County Park

  • Distance? 5.3 miles

  • Time? Approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes

This trail connects the Neuse River Trail with the Simms Branch Trail and features a blue heron habitat.

Rocky Branch Trail

  • Where? Raleigh

  • Distance? 10 miles

  • Time? Approximately 3 hours

Part of the Greenway network, this trail is paved with sections of wooden boardwalk.

Raleigh Historic Oakwood Cemetery Walk

  • Where? Historic Oakwood Mausoleum

  • Distance? 1.6 miles

  • Time? Approximately 30 minutes

This is a peaceful walk through the cemetery is fully paved and has lots of different roads to explore.

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