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Lactation Consultants in Raleigh and Surrounding Areas

So you’ve had a baby and nursing isn’t going quite as well as you planned, or it’s just downright frustrating leaving you and baby in tears? I will start by saying this: "Whatever path you take to feed your baby, FED IS ALWAYS BEST!" If you need some support on your breastfeeding journey, consider reaching out to one of the many talented lactation consultants in Raleigh and beyond.

Carolina Birth and Wellness - non-judgemental, professional support for modern families in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas. They pride themselves on an ability to attune to the needs of clients leading each person feeling fully understood and heard. This knowledge brings a sense of safety that fosters growth and understanding between clients and professional staff.

La Leche League of Raleigh - LLL of Raleigh offers free support to families seeking information and support for all variations and stages of feeding babies human milk. Whether you are pregnant, facing a challenge, breastfeeding is going smoothly, or you would like to help support others, consider connecting with LLL.

WakeMed Breastfeeding Support Group - These FREE support groups are staffed by certified lactation counselors and consultants and are designed for moms and breastfeeding (or breast milk feeding) babies from birth through the first year of life. They currently meet at the WakeMed Highwoods location on Monday mornings and at their Apex Healthplex location on Wednesday afternoons.

UNC Rex Lactation Support Services - At UNC REX Healthcare you'll find internationally board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLC) and breastfeeding educators to assist you with breastfeeding needs. These lactation consultants are also registered nurses with specialized training to assist with both routine and specialized breastfeeding situations.

Beyond Birth Lactation Services - Babies don't come with instruction manuals. Sometimes it takes mom and baby a while to flow together. Beyond Birth Lactation Services provides in-home and office breastfeeding support for families in the Research Triangle, NC, and beyond.

Triangle Lactation - Triangle Lactation provides you with the best possible, research-based education, care and lactation services for your breastfeeding journey.

Bliss at the Breast - Blissful Births offers private and group breastfeeding classes as well as personal (one-on-one) lactation consulting.

Emerald Doulas - Emerald Doulas brings personalized lactation and infant feeding support directly to you; in their office conveniently located in the Southpoint area of Durham or in the privacy of your home!

Holly Springs Feeding and Speech - Using a gentle, child centered approach to take away the stress of eating & focus on what is holding your child back from consuming an age appropriate diet.

Baby Settler - ​​breastfeeding experts skilled at guiding mothers and babies in the sometimes distressing experience of breastfeeding.

Carolina Lactation Consultants - When going well, breastfeeding is a uniquely peaceful and satisfying experience for mom and baby. It is not uncommon to face challenges at the start, as well as along the way. Questions can arise when the baby goes through a new stage of development, during times of illness, when mom returns to work and when beginning the weaning process.

Triangle Mother Care - ​​Triangle Mothercare Doulas & Night Nurses have extensive training in breastfeeding support, bottle-feeding guidance and pumping support.

Harmony Nutrition and Lactation - assisting families of color in achieving more positive outcomes through early nutritional guidance around relationships between food and health.

This is by no means a comprehensive list but hopefully enough to get you started. Some of the larger pediatric practices even have lactation consultants on staff. When my third baby was small, I took her for a well-baby checkup at Jeffers, Mann, and Artman and mentioned that I was struggling with nursing. They called their LC and she was able to help me right at my appointment.

If you’re struggling, talk to someone. Help is out there. Do you have an LC you love? Let us know and we can update the list.

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