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Infant Formula: Where to Find It When The Shelves Are Bare

The formula shortage is real and moms across the Triangle are sharing tips and resources to make sure that all of our babies get fed.

What is causing the formula shortage? Just like toilet paper, COVID-19 related supply chain issues and stockpiling started the formula shortage. Then, a United States formula manufacturer, Abbott Nutrition, halted production and recalled many of it's formula brands (Elecare, Alimentum, Similac, and more) while cooperating with an FDA investigation into possible contamination that is believed to have lead to infant bacterial infections and death.

Families are finding the shelves are bare, WIC cards won't cover the formulas they do find, they're burning precious gas driving all over to search the Triangle for formula and their babies are hungry! What is a mama to do?

What do I do if I can't find the formula my baby needs?

  • On your Amazon account, scroll to the bottom of the screen and change your home country to Canada. You may then be able to order what you need from our neighbors to the north.
  • Expand your search via social media. Many local Raleigh and Triangle Facebook mom groups have threads dedicated to connecting those with formula to those who need it.
  • Ask your social network in other parts of the country to check their local stores for formula stock and have them ship it to you.
  • Consider donor breast milk from your local milk bank or a trusted friend, family member or neighbor.

Still not sure what's safe and what's not? When in doubt, contact your Pediatrician's nurse advice line. Considering homemade formula, an early switch to cow's milk or toddler formula? Call the office to make sure these are safe options for your baby.

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