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10 Non-Candy Easter Basket Items

Here are 10 non-candy items for Easter baskets that kids aged 1-10 will love:

  1. Stuffed animals - Soft and cuddly, a stuffed bunny or chick is a classic Easter basket addition that will be cherished for years to come.

  2. Coloring books - With spring-themed pages and cute animals, a coloring book is a great way to encourage creativity and calmness.

  3. Sidewalk chalk - With the weather warming up, sidewalk chalk is a perfect addition to an Easter basket. Kids can let their creativity run wild on the pavement!

  4. Bubbles - There's nothing like chasing and popping bubbles on a sunny day. This classic toy is always a hit with kids.

  5. Mini gardening set - Encourage green thumbs with a mini gardening set. Kids can plant their own flowers or vegetables and watch them grow.

  6. Puzzle - A puzzle is a great way to stimulate young minds and keep them entertained. Opt for one with springtime scenes or animal themes.

  7. Books - Whether it's a storybook or a non-fiction book about animals or nature, a book is a thoughtful and educational addition to any Easter basket.

  8. Bath toys - A rubber duck or other bath toy is sure to make bath time more fun and exciting.

  9. Playdough - Kids love getting creative with playdough. Plus, it's a great sensory activity that promotes fine motor skills.

  10. Water bottles - With warmer weather on the horizon, a fun and colorful water bottle is a practical and useful Easter basket addition that kids will love to show off at school.

These non-candy items are sure to make for a fun and exciting Easter basket that kids of all ages will enjoy!