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Sports Bras for Nursing & Pumping Moms

Nursing a baby is hard work. Staying hydrated, being on call 24/7, finding a wardrobe that makes you feel good and provides the support you need are challenges every nursing and pumping mom face. Your sports bra shouldn’t be another obstacle in your day. We all know just getting out of the house is hard enough! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite nursing-friendly sports bras and the best places to get them in the Triangle.

The key to a good nursing sports bra? Adjustable straps that allow you to both nurse or pump whenever you need and also easily adjust the cup size based on the amount of milk you may have at any given moment.

Brooks Sports Bras

These are by far my favorite. I’d heard about them for ages before biting the bullet and buying one. It was the first time I realized I didn’t need to wear two sports bras for proper support! Three styles, in particular, are very nursing-friendly; Juno, Fiona, and Rebound Racer.

Where you can find them:


Adjustable in what seems like every way possible, some of our moms swear by SheFit. The price tag is definitely worth it. I have yet to see these in person but they have a handy quiz on their website to help you find the right fit.

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