sensory bins for hot summer days

Sensory Bins for a Hot Summer Day

Sensory bins, aside from just being good fun, come with a whole host of benefits for our kiddos. By engaging all the senses in play, sensory bins encourage cognitive development, enhance memory, build vocabulary, and strengthen fine and gross motor skills. Additionally, it introduces the concept of cause and effect and provides ample opportunities for experimental play, problem-solving, and logical thinking.

What’s better than all these wonderful benefits?! The kids love a good sensory bin and it’s a great way to keep them busy during the dog days of summer. So grab your bins and take advantage of these simple ideas. We highly recommend you enjoy these bins outside so that you can fully enjoy the fun your kids are having and not stress about the mess. Just me?

Work Site - Fill a bin with dirt and construction vehicles.

Car Wash - Once the kids have played with their worksite sensory bin, fill a second bin with soapy water and sponges.

Ice Table - Ice and a bit of water. My kids enjoy bringing out the paint and paintbrushes for this one too.

Science Table - Fill a bin with baking soda and give the kids droppers and little cups of vinegar.

Bubble Foam - 2:1 ratio of water to bubble bath. Mix on high with a blender and fill your bins.

Under the Sea - Fill a bin with water, plastic fish, and glitter just for fun. Give the kids nets or even just a strainer from the kitchen.

Edible Sand - ½ C. Corn Meal, ½ C. Flour, 1 Tbsp Oil, 1 Tbsp corn syrup, small sand toys. Find the recipe here.

Shaving Cream Marbleizing - Shaving cream and food coloring. Give the kids a toothpick or wooden skewer and let them make shapes and designs in the shaving cream.

Watermelon - Give the kids a half a watermelon and a melon baller. Have a bowl on the side for their little melon balls. A snack and an activity all in one.

The possibilities with sensory bins are endless. Let us know what your favorites are.

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