List of spraygrounds in Raleigh and Wake Forest

Best Spraygrounds / Splash Pads in the Triangle

Summer is most definitely here and I can’t think of a better way to entertain the kids than a trip to the sprayground. The Triangle has some amazing splash pads in every corner so grab their swimsuits, snacks, and sunscreen and look forward to some solid naps!

Note that pricing for city pools is pretty consistent. Raleigh residents can expect to pay:

  • $2 - children 12 and under

  • $4 - ages 13-54

  • $3 - ages 55+

Fuquay-Varina Splash Pad

Located in South Park, this splash pad is well worth the 2$ admission - free for under 2 and FV residents.

Jack Smith Park

One of our absolute favorites, the kids love this splash pad. And if a morning of waterplay wasn’t enough, this park also features 2 playgrounds, a climbing boulder, cute sheep sculptures the kids can climb on and access to a greenway trail.

Taylor Street Park Sprayground

Located in Wake Forest, this park has a water feature for every age, a playground, and even grills for a barbecue.

Lake Johnson Pool

Featuring both a lap and recreation pool, a baby pool with a shower tower, and, obviously, a sprayground. Well worth the cost of admission. City pricing.

Millbrook Exchange Pool

Home to what might be the largest baby pool I’ve ever seen, our kids love running back and forth between the sprayground and the wading pool. City pricing.

Ridge Road Pool

The best part about this spot is that the sprayground and wading pool are right next to each other and not separated by a fence so the kiddos can freely move from one to the other.

Holding Park Aquatic Center

A large pool with diving boards, 2 big water slides, and an impressive sprayground, my kids ask for this pool by name. I never hesitate to dish out the admission for this spot. There are also plenty of spots to sit in sun or shade depending on your preference.

Hill Ridge Farms

Indeed the sprayground is wonderful. I recommend Hill Ridge for the many other family activities and attractions - train rides, a maze, jumping pillows, and animals. On the pricier end but easily a full day that the kids will love.