Body Back: Kate

Body Back was an amazing program for my body, my self confidence, & my life as a whole. Never being an incredibly athletic person I was intimidated by the program at first, but also VERY excited to try it. Prior to starting the program I had returned to pre-baby weight but things didn't seem to be quite the same and clothes just didn't fit the same way.

I committed to the program and only "cheated" a little here and there and my results were a huge self confidence boost. My husband and I ate pretty health-fully before, but my eyes were opened to lots of hidden icks and sugars I had no clue were there. With hard work and smart decisions I was so proud of my result. Not only did I feel BETTER than I did before baby, my body was probably the most fit it had ever been. My self confidence soared & I felt like I was being a better mom & wife.

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