Why our moms chose FIT4MOM and what our programs mean to them and their families...

Stroller Strides: Ann »

Stroller Strides makes working out seem easy and fun for me and my son! He loves going to class so much that each morning he hands me my workout shoes and tells me "Let's go, Mommy!"


Stroller Strides: Sharon »

Over the past two years with Stroller Strides I have made so many friends and had so many wonderful experiences. I get the opportunity to socialize and workout in the classes. My son has had a chance to experience so many fun outings to events and places I might not have otherwise been able to provide him, not to mention hanging out with all his buddies!


Stroller Strides: Megan »

Stroller Strides has truly been a life saver for me and my family. I have become healthier both physically and mentally which has made me a better mom and wife. Because of Stroller Strides, I have made everlasting friendships for my daughters and myself. Being part of the Stroller Strides community has been invaluable to me and my family.


Stroller Strides: Nora »

Besides getting in some much needed exercise and socializing, being part of a group that was brought together on the ideals of a healthy lifestyle means I'm meeting other like-minded moms. It's great to be able to expose my child AND myself to people who have such a positive attitude about life, fitness, and health in general.


Body Back: Kate »

Body Back was an amazing program for my body, my self confidence, & my life as a whole. Never being an incredibly athletic person I was intimidated by the program at first, but also VERY excited to try it. Prior to starting the program I had returned to pre-baby weight but things didn't seem to be quite the same and clothes just didn't fit the same way.

I committed to the program and only "cheated" a little here and there and my results were a huge self confidence boost. My husband and I ate pretty health-fully before, but my eyes were opened to lots of hidden icks and sugars I had no clue were there. With hard work and smart decisions I was so proud of my result. Not only did I feel BETTER than I did before baby, my body was probably the most fit it had ever been. My self confidence soared & I felt like I was being a better mom & wife.

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