You Know You're a Stroller Strider When...

Last week we had our moms answer "You know you're a Body Backer when...." Well, this week we couldn't leave out a huge part of our FIT4MOM village. Our Stroller Strides moms filled in the blanks.

"You know you're a Stroller Strider when..."

Your stroller NEVER comes out of the car.

When your child thinks the words to the "Alphabet Song" are "A-B-C-D-E-F-G...step up on the step with me!"

Your child can count backwards from 20 before entering preschool.

When your kiddo meets his new teacher for the first time and shows her his squat.

When you can say you've bear crawled across the mall with your butt in the air.

When you're always talking about it and naturally assume every mother knows what it is.

Your child thinks all horses were once camels

Singing Bingo requires a wall sit

Every time you go to the grocery store, you're sweaty.

When it takes you six hours to shower after your workout but only 5 minutes to get ready before.

When your kids do push-ups and burpees in the living room.

When you have a wicked tank top tan and you're proud of it!

When your toddler does angled push-ups using the headboard of his bed.

When no one is mad that your kid is screaming in the stroller.

When you buy a hat just to keep the sweat from dropping into your eyes while you work out.

Your baby has never NOT had a little fan on their BOB.

Your 4 year-old does tricep dips on random park benches.

The other moms welcome you and your children by name. You use class as your daily social activity out of the house.

Your son says, "Hey Mommy watch my burpee!" when he wants attention.

While on a plane, in the final descent, your 3 year-old stands up in his seat, starts doing squats and yells, "I'm doing Stroller Strides!" at the top of his lungs.

You feel you have to explain that the class is much more hardcore than the name.

When you realize you didn't just find your tribe, but Stroller Strides friends are your child's tribe too.

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