You Know You're a Body Backer When...

It's well known that doing a session of Body Back changes you. I'm not just talking about the amazing physical transformations that we've seen among our moms in all their before and after pictures. It's not just that. Body Back often changes participants' fitness outlook, routines and relationships with food. So I asked our moms this week to fill in the blank.

"You know you're a Body Backer when..." Here are the answers:

"When a wall sit is a rest."

"When you challenge your husband to a burpee contest and you DOMINATE!"

"You find yourself lecturing your parents, friends, and anyone you eat with about eating real food and cutting out the processed 'low fat' and 'lite' foods they think are helping them lose weight."

"When you roll down the window in the car and use the air to dry your sweaty hair."

"Halfway through the 5:30am class you realize your shirt is on inside out because you put it on in the closet in the dark trying not to wake anyone up and you don't even turn it right side in because the burpee you are currently doing is taking hold of you!"

"When your pants don't fit anymore!"

"You know your only two minutes of peace and quiet during the day will be at the end of class during meditation."

"You always have a mat, band and water bottle in your car."

"When you have a hard boiled egg in your purse."

"When you have more tennis shoes than dress shoes."

"When you don't think stevia sucks that much anymore."

"You quote Lisa Druxman randomly during the day. 'Now give me a really good row!'"

"When you drink your coffee black now."

"You think 'Wait! Will My Fitness Pal recognize this food?'"

"You don't eat it because your instructor will see."

"Tabata, Rounds, Traveling and Circuit are just part of your vernacular."

"When you can't wait to wake up at 5:00 am."

"When you look at the marinara sauce or peanut butter choices and wonder 'Which would Christie buy?'"

"When you get up early on Saturday, even though the little one still asleep!"

"When you put on athleasure wear and actually do a workout."

"You sell all your clothes on the Internet to buy smaller sizes."

"Grocery shopping takes forever because of all the label reading."

"When you're so sad that this session is over."

"When you're a little bit glad this session is over. (Cake anyone?) But, you can't wait for the next one to start."

Join us. Registration for the fall session is open! We can't wait to have you add to this list.

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