"What else can we do?" Go to Body Back!

There is an intensity the day of Body Back assessments after eight weeks . The room of tired mothers who once questioned what they could do, suddenly seem stronger and more energized. Yes, each is thinner, but more importantly they're stronger. I was honored to join them this past session on their final day for assessments.

For me personally, the final day of assessments in Body Back sessions I have done always meant pushing myself to see how long I could hold plank. The last session I did this spring I held for 5:05 alongside one of my best friends. It was awesome. I couldn't believe what I had done. I found out later another mom in the evening class held plank for 5:06. What!? If I had only held out two more seconds! Ha! I'm kidding.

I chatted with a mom during Stroller Strides last week who had just finished Body Back. She explained how many inches she had dropped in just 8 weeks. She smiled, kind of amazed at what she had done. She's a good sport. I had been picking on her and making her use the higher intensity red bands instead of the green bands in Stroller Strides. I told her "You're a Body Backer, now. You can do it!" She said "I can't wait to do more!"

That's a theme of Body Back alumni. "What else can we do?" I talked with Susan Rooker who has completed four full sessions right after she held plank for an amazing 5:25 during assessments ! It was incredible to watch!

Susan is mom to 5 year-old Noah and almost 3 year-old Jake and explained why she decided to try Body Back. "Nothing else was really working very well since I was getting older. I needed to lose my 'second baby' weight. I tried other things for a long time and I wasn't really losing weight. I needed to do something a little more strenuous." I had a friend that had done it and had results so I thought I'd try it," she said.

Susan talked about the relationships with other moms that she had formed. She told me how she looks forward to the different kinds of workouts each week that Amanda comes up with in her classes.

I asked Susan how she felt after holding plank for 5:25. "Good! (laughs) But, I'm going to be sore tomorrow!"

Our Holiday Body Back Mini-session kicks off now and so many moms like Susan want to use that time to keep up with their fitness goals through the holidays. Again, to see what else they can do. Join us!

Susan said it best. "You just keep getting stronger and stronger. On the scale, I've met my goals, but I enjoy getting stronger."

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