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Wait. Am I a runner?

I used to joke that if you saw me running, you better run too because something was chasing me. I would say, "Running is the worst! Am I right?!" I complained that running was boring and lonely. As an uber-extrovert I explained that for me to exercise I needed a class. I needed talking, music and motivation. Naturally, Stroller Strides and Body Back are a good fit for me. Lately, something has changed.

I think I might be a runner now.

No, seriously.

Tomorrow I know my husband will be home from a long business trip. He can hang with the kids for a bit. I'll hope for overcast skies and cool air. I'm not sure how it happened exactly, but these days I can't wait for the chance to lace up,

I guess it started during my last session of Body Back. I needed to fit in a workout on the off days. I just started going for runs in my neighborhood. At first I didn't go for that long. I started going further, walking up big hills when I needed to. I went even further, discovering new streets and cul-de-sacs. I found trails and bridges I didn't know were quite literally in my backyard. I started driving the streets I was running to track the distance I had been going. I wised up and got an app to help me do that while I was running.

The best thing? I got to have headphones in my ears and listen to what I wanted to. No soundtracks to kid movies, no cartoons. It was me, music, my feet pounding the pavement and air in my lungs. I was pushing to see what else I could do, how much further I could go. It was awesome.

I'd come home sweaty after going five or six miles. My two year-old would laugh and say "You sweaty, Mama!" My five year-old would start to ask if she could run with me too.

Then she had her "fun run" at school this past week. A friend captured these shots of my tiny kindergartener showing hustle, great form and out pacing her classmates. I was so proud of my little runner! Could she be taking after me? Am I a runner now?

Join FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh's Running Club starting next month! This 7 week, 5K training program starts October 17, 2016 and ends December 3, 2016 with the Jingle Bell 5K. Strollers are optional. Dads can join in too! Check it out. Join us to find out if you're a runner too.

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