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Tips For Running From Our Moms

We run with strollers. We run without strollers. We run together. We run on our own. We run to improve our times. We run to race. Sometimes we don't run at all, but walk. Regardless of when we run, every mom has her own ideas about how to make a run better.

We love it when we can share with you tips straight from our moms. So here are some ideas for your runs, from moms who lace up and tackle the streets and trails of Raleigh all the time.

  • "Pick tunes you like that will keep you motivated if you choose to run with headphones. Apps like Spotify will pick songs to match your pace if you program it. Wireless headphones are great! No cord slowing you down!"
  • "Raleigh's Greenways! But, I don't love running them alone except for certain areas."
  • "I like to run neighborhoods where there's not a lot of traffic."
  • "Carry water in this humidity."
  • "Hydrate a lot, hours before so you don't have a very full stomach."
  • "Carry a small golf or hand towel to mop up the sweat."
  • "I love a Flipbelt for holding my phone and car key when I'm running sans stroller. Doubles as a girdle so there's that too."
  • "I like the phone arm band when running."
  • "I am bringing the fanny pack back for running. I use the Govivo running pack."
  • "Check out running apps like Runkeeper to keep track of your time and distance. You can be friends with others on Runkeeper and cheer each other on."
  • "I like to run in my neighborhood because there is not a lot of traffic and I can see which houses are for sale. It's also good because I'm not too far from home."
  • "Don't skimp on the running shoes. Go to a good shoe store and get fitted for a good pair."
  • The NC Museum of Art trails are my favorite, but so hilly! I love the Greenway, but I agree that I would not run alone on most of it."
  • "I carry tissues. My nose always runs when I run, even if it's not cold."
  • "Run with your baby! Sometimes that stroller ride will rock them right to sleep. Toddler or preschooler? Sometimes they can be your little cheerleader on a run!"
  • "Join a running class like FIT4MOM's Running Club. It will help you with form and endurance."
  • "It's normal to be nervous about running if you're a beginner, but stick with it. There's nothing like that finish line feeling!"

Fall Running Club kicks off Sept 5th with options for mid-morning, early morning and Sunday evening runs. Attend 1-3 runs/week, with or without your stroller, training for a race, creating a new healthy habit, diversifying your workout or simply running with company. Whatever your "Why"- just come run with us! More info HERE.

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