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The Official 2018 FIT4MOM Car Magnet Game!

Happy New Year, mamas! We hope you had a relaxing holiday and got some time to yourself. (Time to yourself? What's that?!) Did you get our Christmas card? How cute were we as an Instructor Team?! It was my favorite card this year and I'm not just saying that because I was on it with my amazing group of co-workers.

Anyway, did you get the little gift tucked in your Christmas card envelope? A FIT4MOM car magnet! I've been wanting these for years! I can't wait to see your magnet on the road or in the parking lot at the ROC, Hayes Barton, Chain Effect or MVP Sports. I'd REALLY like to see them at the new Wake Forest Body Back location at Heritage Studio 804 too. (Should I name all our outdoor locations coming back in the spring, or spare you? I'll spare you.)

We have a game we'd like for you all to play with us. When you see another mom's magnet in the parking lot, flip it upside down and take a quick pic with your phone. Upload it to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag us. If your magnet gets flipped, you can't flip it back until you do the same to another mom. Each week we'll randomly pick a winner to get a $5.00 Starbucks gift card.

New years are about new goals. If your goals are to get in better shape and go to class more, we can help. If your goal is to find a great group of moms and more playgroups for your babies, our Village is here for you. Tell us what you need in 2018 and join us. The magnet on your car is fun bonus that could get you some more coffee!

Ready to play? Let's conquer your fitness goals. Drive safe with your new car magnet. They're the must-have auto accessory of 2018. All the cool moms will have them.

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