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The Extra Stuff

When I get the question "What is FIT4MOM?" The short answer usually includes a quick description of Stroller Strides and some words about Body Back. Those are the programs we're most known for, right? That's what it's about.

Yes, but there's more. I scrolled through my Facebook last weekend and couldn't stop grinning at some of my FIT4MOM friends soaking wet and smiling by the lake. I saw faces that I see nearly every week at Stroller Strides. I saw faces that have gotten really sweaty at Body Back. It was cool to see them in a different workout environment.

I was sad I couldn't make it so I was anxious to hear all about it. It was a class with Maria Finnegan on Jordan Lake. One of our FIT4MOM members, Cammie, planned the event. Missy, our franchise owner, went to the class and had this to say about the class, "I enjoyed the adult conversation while we carpooled to and from the lake, the challenge of simple yoga poses on an unstable surface, the still water and sounds of nature as our class soundtrack. I liked the warm lake water every time I fell in trying to achieve a pose that was just beyond my comfort zone, which happened a lot! The next day I felt delightfully sore in different places than I usually am- it was great!" Kate went to the class and described it like this. "A new experience. Trying something new. Pushing my comfort zone."

Hearing that made me even more sad that I couldn't go! It reminded me of the last time I did an extra workout that pushed me out of my comfort zone. A bunch of us FIT4MOM moms met up at Cyclebar in Brier Creek in Raleigh a couple of months ago. It was so exciting to see friends in a different setting. Cycling allowed us to race and push ourselves like we hadn't before. Kristin and I certainly have mutual admiration for the hard work we put into Stroller Strides and Body Back classes. It was really fun to throw a bit of friendly competition into in when we were in spin class. I may or may not have yelled "Whatchu got, Kristin!?!?!" Don't get me started on racing Missy on the bike. She's amazing! She killed it. One time I did beat her. You'd think I'd let the boss win, but no. Missy wouldn't want me to let her win. She'd want me to go hard and push myself.

So that's what we're going to do. We're going to keep pushing ourselves and go outside our comfort zones. It's not that we don't work hard every in Stroller Strides and Body Back. We do, but we're comfortable there. So, it's good for us to fall off the board and into the water and race each other to the top of the "hill."

So what's next? Kate had a suggestion. "A bunch of us at the lake were talking about doing aerial yoga and a ropes course!"

Cool. Let's keep pushing, ladies.

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