Stroller Barre: Why It's Awesome To Slow Down a Bit

I made a point to get to Stroller Barre this week. I like to vary my workouts through each week. I try to get to Stroller Strides even when I'm not teaching and to a couple Body Back classes because of my HIIT happiness. I also run on the weekends in my neighborhood.

A lot of moms ask us, "What makes Stroller Barre different from Stroller Strides?"

They are very similar for sure, but there are key differences. If you've been to a barre class before, you kind of get the idea. If you have been to Stroller Strides, you have an even better idea. Stroller Strides is a total body workout that incorporates power walking, strength, toning, oh, and singing songs you thought you had forgotten to your kids. Stroller Barre does all of those things with a unique blend of ballet, Pilates, barre and yoga. Moms build strength, add muscle tone and improve posture. The woman who created Stroller Barre is a former professional ballerina. Dance for the win!

FIT4MOM states, "Postpartum women tend to have tight and weak pectoral (chest), abdominal and quadriceps muscles. In addition, the back and hamstrings muscles become stretched and weak. This occurs due to hunched posture from breast or bottle feeding, excessive spinal curves while carrying baby in utero and after birth, and repeatedly picking their new (and rapidly growing) baby up." Don't we know it! Better posture through Stroller Barre? I'll take it!

Elaine teaches Stroller Barre for us at FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh. If you want to see someone with long lean muscles, check her out! She's more than a mom in great shape, she's a really great, informed instructor. She told me once that she has learned a lot from teaching Stroller Barre and said recently "I love helping moms slow down and focus on a single movement to really concentrate the effort on a particular muscle. It doesn't take long before you feel it! Stroller Barre is great for pregnant moms and those who are newly postpartum because it works with the entire core and pelvic floor. I am a runner and I have found that my core and all the supportive muscles around my hips have strengthened tremendously. "

You won't get as much cardio in a Stroller Barre class as you would in a Stroller Strides class, but you still get the calorie burn! Another one of our Stroller Barre regulars recently said, "Stroller Barre slowed me down and let me focus on specific strength areas. I was surprised to find at the end of the workout I burned 412 calories (as reported on my Fitbit), which is as much, if not more, than my usual workouts. I enjoyed the change in pace and my body will be better for it in the long run."

I couldn't agree more! Take a look at this video we took after Wednesday's class. I'm doing an exercise Elaine led. That's me on the ground holding plank and making almost like a "4" or a "7" with my knee. The second time I do it in the video, Elaine holds my hips. Whoa! It felt totally different. After she did that, I held my hips still and focused on my core and muscle movements. If you think about it, I'm not moving that much, but doing lots of work! That's a theme in Stroller Barre. Small pulses with a ball or a band make big gains!

Come join us for Stroller Barre and tell us how you feel during and after class. We'd love to have you!

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