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Songs To Keep You Running

This week I missed our longest Running Club run in preparation for the City of Oaks 10K next week. The class ran the full 6.2 miles. I had to do it the next day because it was hanging over my head. I needed to get it done! I laced up and just went for it. When I'm running solo I have to have some tunes. I can't get it done without a good playlist. I was tired near the end of my run. I got to six miles and then I realized I needed to go the point two miles. Ugh! Why is that always the hardest part?! Just then "Running" by No Doubt came on my playlist. How appropriate, a song by one of my favorite bands about running. (Well, it's sort of about running. I think it's a metaphor, but still.)

The girls in the evening Body Back session this fall have enjoyed different Pandora channels and playlists during workouts. 90's hip-hop, anyone? How about some Cardio Country? They even gave their own suggestions for songs that get them going. The ladies in Running Club have worked so hard over the past few weeks. They need a good list of tunes before the race. Let's do a playlist of songs to workout or run to.


Stronger, Kanye West

Stronger, Kelly Clarkson (Two "stronger" songs get it?)

Pump It, Black Eyed Peas

Eye Of The Tiger, Survivor (Whether you're Rocky running the stairs or a mom pushing a stroller up a hill, this song works.)

24K Magic, Bruno Mars (You are golden, mama! You thought I was going to say "Uptown Funk" didn't you. It's a good one and has a higher tempo. Add it if you want!)

Hips Don't Lie, Shakira

Gettin' Jiggy Wit It, Will Smith

Shape of You, Ed Sheeran

Look What You Made Me Do, Taylor Swift (This had to be included because it is the most debated song of 2017. Is it awesome, or is it terrible? Whatever, it has a good beat. Go!)

Hollaback Girl, Gwen Stefani (Take no junk from anyone, girl. Keep running. You can have some B-A-N-A-N-A-S at the finish line.)

Good Vibrations, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

U Can't Touch This, MC Hammer (Yep. Ya'll just go with it. Embrace it like you did in 4th grade.)

Side To Side, Ariana Grande feat. Nicki Minaj (You know what, go ahead and add anything by Nicki Minaj. Great beats and tempos!)

Intergalactic, Beastie Boys (This song will get you JACKED!)

Can't Stop The Feeling, Justin Timberlake (Unless your kids have overplayed the Trolls soundtrack too. Then, skip it. This is mama's playlist.)

Kickstart My Heart, Motley Crue (80's hair band cardio)

Bye Bye Bye, NSYNC (Boy Band nostalgia)

Just Dance, Lady Gaga (or literally every other Gaga dance anthem.)

Give It Away, Red Hot Chili Peppers (90's alternative cardio)

Chained To the Rhythm, Katy Perry

No Diggity, Blackstreet feat. Dr. Dre (I like the way you work it.)

Yeah! Usher

Time Of Our Lives, Pitbull

Sin Wagon, Dixie Chicks (We need some country in here.)

Move, Luke Bryan

Survivor, Destiny's Child

Country Grammar, Nelly

Bust A Move, Young MC

If, Janet Jackson (or Rhythm Nation. Just put both to be safe.)

Don't Stop Til You Get Enough, Michael Jackson (OLD SCHOOL Michael! There are so many more Michael Jackson songs we could add.)

Ray Of Light, Madonna

Lose Yourself, Eminem (No explaination needed. Respect this song.)

This is such a small sample of tunes. You may hate them all and want to make your own, do it. Have fun and pick the songs that help you get to the finish line or help you get through a tough workout.

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