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September, 2016 Mom of the Month

Our September 2016 Mom of the Month is always going hard at Stroller Strides with a cute, smiley baby in tow. Meet Raleigh resident Alex Roth and sweet little Liam! Read on to learn more about this native Floridian and die-hard Florida State Seminoles fan!

Children: Liam, <1

Age: 25

Job: Office Manager and Dispatcher for a delivery company

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL

Favorite Exercise: Get-to-Know-You Wall Sit "I like burpees now!" (Give Alex an award for that answer!)

Least Favorite Exercise: Squat with leg lift

What brought you to Stroller Strides? "I wanted to get back into shape after having Liam. Not only for physical reasons but mental health. Exercising has always made me feel good. I looked on MeetUp and saw that there was something I could do WITH Liam and I was like, 'Wow! That's awesome!'"

What are your fitness goals? "Just being healthier. Obviously losing weight would be nice, but really just being healthy for him. I just want to be back where I was or maybe a little better than I was before I had Liam."

What's your favorite part of FIT4MOM? "Just the community aspect. Being able to workout with people that have the same fitness goals you have. It's much better in a class than doing it by yourself."

What would you say to a mom who was hesitant to try Stroller Strides? "I would say give it a try because that's how I felt too. I wasn't sure I would be able to keep up with everyone. I was a little self conscious about it but after my first class I was like 'Oh! This is definitely for me!' You just have to try that first class and then you'll feel this is right where you need to be. Everyone feels how you do. Nobody is perfect at all the exercises. We're all doing the best we can."

What is Liam getting out of Stroller Strides? "Being around other kids. He's not in a daycare so it's a good time to be with other kids and be outside."

What is something funny or unusual about you? "I have a really weird allergy to green bell peppers! It make's it hard when your favorite food is Mexican food!"

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