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Sensory Play!

Hey, Ladies! It's Azure, you may have seen me in class with the orange Double BOB Stroller and 3 crazy boys. Some of you may not know that in addition to being an avid Stroller Strider, I'm also an Occupational Therapist. While I'm taking a little break from striding I'm starting a business with my friend and fellow OT, Miel Binford.

Skill-by-Skill is offering group occupational therapy services to preschool age kids in order to cut costs and provide fun and effective therapeutic intervention. Our focus is fine motor, sensory and social skill training for children with or without therapeutic needs.

Sensory processing is the way the nervous system receives and interprets information to produce motor and behavioral responses. Sensory processing has become an area of difficulty for many children and there are some great activities you can do to support the sensory system as your child develops. Sensory play promotes attention, self-regulation, connects neural pathways, and can improve sleep!

Ideas for sensory play-

  • Sensory Bins- Bins that kids can dig in are a great way to help your children develop tactile (touch) sensations and promote visual learning. You can use an under the bed tote or small pan and fill it with items like dried beans, rice, water beads, cotton balls, sand or ice.
  • Tasting Bins- For younger kids that may like to taste what you have in a sensory bin, bins with food are a great idea! Fill them with cooked noodles, pudding with marshmallows hidden in it, cooked or dry oatmeal, cornmeal, Rice Krispies or any other dry cereal.
  • Infant Feeding- For the babies, just letting them try to feed themselves and play with their food can provide great sensory input!
  • Heavy Work- When your kids work hard, they sleep better! Let your kids play tug-of-war! Stacking or lifting is great too! My boys do boxes of seltzer water, younger kids could do cans or small boxes. Have your kids push and pull a wagon up and down hill or through thick grass. Have them do wall push-ups or crab walking. Squeeze your child between two pillows (body only) or roll them in a mat or heavy blanket.

Overall, have fun with sensory play!

For more ideas, come on out to a Skill-by-Skill play group Friday, July 14 after the North Hills class or July 25th after the Buffaloe Road class! RSVP for these and other playgroups HERE.

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