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October, 2017 Mom of the Month

This woman right here is strong. She's amazing. Seriously. If you've been to Body Back recently, you've probably taken class with Cammie. Her progress in class is inspiring. She's everything you'd expect to see in a Body Back alumnae. She keeps improving her fitness levels and pushing herself. Cammie is a strong advocate for our program and we're so glad she's part of our Village. Read on to learn more about all Cammie can do.

Name: Cammie Key

Age: 39

Family: My husband Matt and I have been married 14 years. Our daughter Sophie is 10, our son Eli is 7.

Education: University of North Carolina, BA Psychology, MS Occupational Therapy

Job: Occupational Therapist

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

How did you get to FIT4MOM and Body Back? "I remember looking for exercise options when Eli was a toddler, but never followed through with actually joining a Stroller Strides class. I kept FIT4MOM in the back of my mind and joined my first Body Back Session in the fall of 2015. I had been doing a lot of yoga, pilates, and barre, but was not getting the results I wanted. I’ve done two full sessions, a holiday mini session, and have been boosting for a while. I have lost a total of 25 pounds, tons of inches, and gained lean muscle."

Favorite Exercises: "TRX triceps, slam balls, and anything on the Bosu."

Least Favorite Exercises: "Russian twists, lunges, and mountain climbers."

Current Body Back Schedule: Monday and Wednesday at 7;00 pm and Friday 5:30 am

What would you tell a mom considering Body Back? "I would tell a mom considering Body Back to just jump in and do it - commit 100%. It is so important to take care of yourself so that you can be there for your littles. It makes you a better mom to get away for a little bit of time. It is important for your physical health and for your mental health. It also good for your partner to step up and parent in your absence."

How has Body Back impacted your family? "My entire family is much more conscious of our nutrition. My husband and I have stopped drinking soda and sports drinks and eating fast food. My daughter loves to hear about what we do in each Body Back class and likes to write her own workouts for us to do at home. My son is impressed with my muscles and that I can still pick him up at close to 60 pounds."

What is something unusual that people might not know about you? "Most people don’t know that thanks to my husband, I love power tools."

Tough mama who can use her power tools. Atta girl, Cammie.

Come sweat alongside this Mom of the Month at our Body Back Holiday Hustle Mini Session! More details HERE.

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