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My Body Back Journey (Chapter 1): Missy

Hello all- I'm your local FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh franchisee and I'm pleased to share my Body Back journey with you. I'm hoping my story and photos will help you make the decision to take your own journey!

In November 2013, another Instructor, Cindi, and I went to Body Back Instructor training with a tentative plan in place for the New Year- she would teach the classes and I would be the administrator for the program. We started training with our fitness assessments and I quickly realized that I was way more out of shape than I thought. I was 10 lbs from my goal weight, couldn't even do one full push-up and quickly came to the end of myself during the 3 Body Back workouts that we did that day. And by that I mean- I thought I might throw up or cry and very nearly did. Okay- so I might have cried a little. I decided then and there to be IN the first session of Body Back that we offered.

Despite lots of childcare challenges and general busyness associated with fulfilling all of my roles: wife, mother, FIT4MOM Franchisee & Instructor, landlord, and general "CEO" of my household- I signed myself up and prepared to be challenged... and transformed. I was nervous and excited and highly motivated to reach my goal!

Our homework assignment for the first night was to bring a quote, photo or something that inspired us. Mine was an Albert Einstein quote: "The definition of insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results." You see... I'd been working out since 6 weeks after delivery but many of my workouts occurred while I was teaching Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre and while I get very sweaty while teaching I don't always get a full workout. And that's okay- its not really supposed to be for me but it does mean that I have to get my own workout in another way. Oh, and my eating... let's just say I ate whatever and however much I felt like and I often felt like an entire sleeve of Oreos. It was just plain crazy to think that I'd see any difference in myself if I continued on doing the same things, right?!

Fast forward to January, 2014 and our first day of our first session of Body Back: Assessments. We weighed in, took our "before" photos, did our squats, push-ups & bicep curls, planked and ran sprints in the parking lot. It was all very humbling but I was ready to start working on getting a stronger and leaner version of my pre-baby body back and needed to know where I was starting from.

For the next 8 weeks I followed the Body Back program to the letter. I worked out with my Body Back peers in class (thanks, ladies for all of your encouragement and accountability), taught Stroller Strides and filled in my off days with exercise videos or other group fitness classes. I tracked what I was eating and reported in to Cindi with my food journal once a week. I ate cleanly and measured out my portions. And it should come as no surprise (but somehow was still shocking)- IT REALLY WORKED! I lost over 14 pounds (exceeding my goal) and lots and lots of inches. I got stronger and faster and I felt AMAZING! (check out the photo above for my winter session results)

Not only did I feel like I got my body back but I also found a new guilt-free way to have some Mom-me time with other lovely moms who also wanted to work hard, eat healthily and be great role models for their kids. I loved it so much that I signed up for a second session of Body Back in the spring with the goal of rocking a bikini on my 11th wedding anniversary trip to Belize in May. I'm proud to say that I met that goal too and lost a few more pounds, a few more inches and got even stronger and leaner. This mama has been wearing a bikini to the beach and pool all summer- with pride!

Are you ready to get your Body Back with us? Full disclosure: I might be in your class too :)

Here's a link to get you started: fit4mom-midtownraleigh.frontdeskhq.com

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