More Than A Numbers Game

Not too long ago, I was engaged in a long text conversation with a good friend. As always, we worked our way into a discussion of exercise and weight loss and the conversation quickly grew into numbers talk. She threw out her current weight and told me how she can’t seem to get past that number despite her intense running regime.

Since she was so quick to tell me her weight, I started spouting off some numbers of my own. I was shocked to realize that we both had been playing this numbers game for a long, long time. Both of us at 40+ years old could articulate our exact weights on the day we graduated high school, the day we got married, 6 months after we delivered our first babies…and so on. And learning that I had a kindred spirit in this madness was both comforting and sad at the same time.

The luxury of worrying about your weight each day is a problem reserved for people who probably aren’t thinking about much more serious problems, like survival. No one has to tell me this is a first world problem of the royal kind. Still, the fact that I’ve spent the past 30+ years judging my own value in many ways by that number on the scale is an ugly reality.

In particular, as my children get older, especially my daughter, I feel it’s more important than ever before to kick this habit of letting the scale be my emotional barometer. It’s been my judge and jury, my ultimate test of whether I’m a worthy person in this world. I never want my children to equate their own self-worth with a number on the scale.

Don’t get me wrong. The numbers do matter—but they shouldn’t rule your life. That’s one of the things I like best about Body Back. When you sign up for an 8-week Transformation Session, you’re going to get weighed and measured. Each week, you step on the scale and your weight is recorded. At the beginning and end of each 8-week session, they take photos of your body and measure your thigh, hips, waist and chest. The numbers are recorded and used to help monitor your progress but they are by no means the only measures of your success.

Body Back teaches you to retrain your brain by first empowering women to become stronger—in both body and spirit. Through cleaner food choices, a focus on building self-confidence and some seriously intense workouts, you make incremental steps toward a healthier lifestyle. Body Back isn’t just about the moms who take those 8-week sessions either. It’s about their entire families. Personally I’ve been empowered over the past year through my participation in Body Back to set a better example for my children and my family.

I love that my 6 year-old son will spontaneously start doing burpees when I’m in the middle of an intense workout, or that my 8 year-old daughter gets really excited about tasting a new vegetable. I’ve always said that I don’t want food and weight to rule anyone’s life in my family—and I think we’re on the right track. Leading by example and creating healthy humans isn’t always easy. But with the right tools and mindset, you can take the power away from that number on the scale and just go on with your life. Imagine that!

I always wish I could do this scene from "Office Space" with my bathroom scale as the target.

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