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Month of Mama

Moms, have you noticed an uptick in your emails from FIT4MOM in recent days? Maybe they went to your spam filter? Your "Promotions" filter in Gmail, perhaps? Don't ignore them this time! (Don't kid us, we know you can't get to all the emails. Ha!) We'd love it if you did, but we totally understand if some go unread. Someday we'll all have empty inboxes and have a glass of wine to celebrate.

Don't miss the emails marked "Month of Mama." Seriously, there is some amazing stuff in there.

What is "Month of Mama?" Glad you asked. It's a national initiative by FIT4MOM going on all over the country this month. This is a full 30 Day Wellness Guide created for busy moms by busy moms. Why May? Because it's the month of Mother's Day! It's YOUR month, girl! You deserve to take care of you and maybe get some free goodies along the way.

When you sign up for FREE you get the following:

  • An easy to follow NUTRITION & RECIPE GUIDE courtesy of Chosen Foods and KIND!
  • Weekly stroller-based and body weight WORKOUTS courtesy of BOB Strollers!
  • Weekly intention setting and MEDITATIONS led by FIT4MOM founder Lisa Druxman!

So here in Raleigh, our daily challenge is do do things like cooking a new recipe off the nutrition guide, going for a walk, spending the day with your famliy, doing one of the stroller or HIIT workouts, meditating...etc. Simply share what #MONTHOFMAMA means to YOU by using the hashtag #MONTHOFMAMA along with #FIT4MOM and #themotherhoodisreal.

Weekly giveaways include:

  • Chosen Foods bundle
  • KIND snack pack
  • SKLZ workout bundle (Those are new bands and equipment we'll be using soon here, so you'll want to check it out!)
  • $100 Target gift card
  • 3-bottle SECCO Wine Club pack (For that empty inbox I mentioned earlier!)
  • FIT4MOM Apparel and favorite products to spoil Mama selected by our Home Office Team! (The new stuff is cuuuute, ya'll!)

The Grand Prize:

  • BOB Stroller
  • $500 Spa Finder Gift Card
  • $500 Target Gift Card
  • $200 FIT4MOM Retail Gift Card


  • Participate in Month of Mama activities + workouts + other weekly challenges
  • Upload pictures of yourself doing the above. "Check-in" on Instagram and Facebook uploading images of you doing all the activities that embody our #MONTHOFMAMA wellness guide.
  • Use the hashtags #MONTHOFMAMA and #FIT4MOM alongside each post

"Check-in" on Instagram and Facebook uploading images of you doing all the activities that embody our #MONTHOFMAMA wellness guide.

FIT4MOM will be randomly selecting winners from the hashtag #MONTHOFMAMA each week from mamas like you all over the nation.

Wait, did I read "check-in?" Yeah. You totally did. No doubt your instructors have been asking you to "check-in" on Facebook and Instagram. That's because we at FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh want to give back through Causley. For the month of May, every check-in at "FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh" on Facebook and Instagram helps provide life-changing surgery to someone in need. We’ve partnered with Causely and Watsi to make it happen. It doesn't cost you a penny- it's free! This is totally separate from Month of Mama, but ladies, they go together beautifully.

If you're checking in on Facebook or Instagram in class one day, why not take a photo of you working out too? Maybe take a picture of your FIT4MOM water bottle and talk about how you're drinking more water this month. Use that as your check-in instead of just the Facebook map. Then add the hashtag #MONTHOFMAMA.

That way, you just did your good deed for the day by contributing to the Causley check-ins and made a submission to Month of Mama to maybe win some free stuff with one social media post! That's amazing!

Happy May, mamas! We can't wait to see how you get healthier. This month is all about you!

Sign up for Month of Mama here and read more about this month's Causely beneficiary here.

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