Mom of the Month November, 2016

It's hard to find someone working harder in Body Back than our November, 2016 Mom of the Month! Megan Wood-Tunnel set the goal of being able to wear her wedding ring again after her second baby. She did it after her first 8 week Body Back session and has lost nearly 30 lbs. in the two additional sessions since. We're proud of Megan for all her hard work, but we really love seeing her smile at every workout.

Age: 34

Lives: Raleigh, NC

Family: Husband Matt and Elsie Barrett, 3 1/2 and Silas 20 months

Hometown: Elizabeth City, NC

Education: Bachelor's degree in education from Appalachian State University and a Master's degree from Meredith College

Career: Teacher for ten years

What has been the best part of Body Back? "It's hard to for me to pick one part! (laughs) I think it's just helped me put my life, myself back into focus instead of just focusing on my kids."

You have been part of the early morning sessions. How do you get up so early to workout? "That's probably been the best part for me because I don't have to think about it. I just get up and do it. Plus, I don't have to worry about anyone else's schedule. Occasionally my husband is out of town, but most of the time he's there and my kids aren't even awake yet. So, that part is not that hard."

What has been most gratifying for you? "All of it! I can't pick one. Changes in my body. Getting my energy back is huge, probably the best part. The weight loss, getting stronger, feeling more confident in myself again. It's not just the weight loss for me."

What would you tell someone who is considering Body Back? "I would say just try a class and see what you think. Also, I wasn't where I am now. It's good for anyone at any fitness level because I certainly wasn't fit at all when I came. So, if you're worried about that, definitely don't worry about that!" (laughs) It's for all fitness types I would say."

Favorite exercise: (No answer. Just giggles.) Later she said, "I like doing squats and all that stuff. Squats. And cardio. I like cardio."

Least favorite exercise: "I'd probably say those things with the bands across the floor! (Resistance walks with the bands) If I never have to do those again in my life, that would be okay! Eight months later and the band still hits me in the legs!"

What's an interesting fact people wouldn't know about you? "I've traveled to like, 14 countries."

Another fact. Megan can't wear her wedding ring again because she jammed her finger in class when her instructor Christie told her to "Be aggressive!" with the medicine ball. Oops. It's healing. She says she should be able to wear it again soon. Join Megan in Body Back in 2017, just please be careful with your fingers.

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