Modifications: Listen To Your Body

More than two years ago I was on my way to Stroller Strides. I was still in my house at this point, You moms understand where I was at. It was that point where we were almost ready to get in the car, but not quite. I still needed to grab snacks, and shoes. I think I had the stroller in the car at the time, but I'm not sure.

I'd love to have a more exciting story of how I broke my foot, like I was totally killing it doing some traveling burpees in class or during some hard core box jumps along the ledge of the North Hills fountain. Maybe I broke my foot while jogging with the stroller and kicked a vicious dog away from my children.

No. No, I broke my foot getting ready for Stroller Strides after rolling my ankle when I missed a step walking down the steps into my garage. It hurt. Yeah. No Stroller Strides for three months. Even when I got back into it, I still wasn't all back. It took a long time to go full-out all the time. Running hurt where I had the break. My ankles were weak from the tendon tear.

I still wanted to workout. I needed to get strength back. I did eventually. The key was modification. Big jumps or repetitive jumps were out for me. That's when an Instructor would suggest lunges or calf raises. I couldn't go the distance running or jogging. So, power walking it was.

Our instructors are always encouraging moms to use modifications. Our owner Missy said it best, "Listen to your body! That's the number one rule of modifications."

So I asked some of our moms, "When do you modify?" Here are some of their answers:

  • "I'd rather do a push-up on my knees with correct form while I'm working to get stronger. My push-ups on my feet are a little puny, but I'm getting better!"
  • "I get bad migraines and there are some exercises that aggravate that, like in my neck or sudden hard jumps. I try not to do that."
  • "I modify during abs! I've had two c-sections! It can still be painful. I don't do full sit ups, I prefer crunches."
  • "If I have a cold or I'm congested, I don't go as hard doing cardio."
  • "I have to be careful. I dislocated my shoulder so I work to have correct form during push-ups."

Listen to your body indeed. I ran into a situation while teaching Stroller Strides recently. I was busy doing abs at the end of class. In the circle in front of me I had a bunch of non-pregnant mamas who had been working hard and pushing themselves. I knew most of them pretty well and had seen them all successfully do ab work recently. A mom who needed a modification was behind me! I was so busy leading the class, I failed to see her. I felt terrible!

I hurried to her and helped her with a modification and let her know to feel free to speak up any time and tell an Instructor "Hey! I need a modification!"

We will listen to you, just listen to your body.

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