Memories of Stroller Strides

I kept trying to keep my kids babies. I kept thinking they'd stay little, but alas, they are off to preschool and busy with homework in First Grade. Babies don't keep and kids are tough to keep up with. So, Friday will be my last Stroller Strides class on the regular schedule for awhile. I'm sad. I love being a Stroller Strides Instructor. It's good because I can focus on my new role as a Body Back Instructor, but it's still hard. I'll be around to fill in as a sub for Stroller Strides, but it still feels like a chapter closing for me.

In celebration I asked our moms for some of their favorite Stroller Strides moments, the nice things and the funny things that make change hard. Here are some:

  • "The ducks that sneak up on us as we stretch at Pullen Park."
  • "Getting coffee at Starbucks at North Hills after class."
  • "The 'Question of the Day' being 'Who's your celebrity crush?'"
  • "When your son yells 'Wall!' and points to the wall after he catches you taking a quick break from a wall sit."
  • "Deciding to potty train my toddler at 38 weeks pregnant, and teach a class. Said toddler has to go. She pops a squat while the Mamas are doing squats."
  • "When my children cover their ears when I sing."
  • "Anytime the dad's come to class. Usually I hear 'Oh wow, that was harder than I thought!'"
  • "When you forget the squat sequence during 'Despacito' and just start dancing and the mom's join in."
  • "During 'Get To Know You Wall Sits' and we ask if anyone has ever been arrested."
  • "My son pooped under a tree and the landfill park when he was potty training. At least I had dog bags to pick it up. I understand the confusion, but had to clarify that we can only pee outside!"
  • "Being able to roll up to class a hot mess and your kid is a hot mess, and everyone understands and no one cares."
  • "Seeing kids mimic the exercises in the strollers and sing along. So sweet!"
  • "The 80's themed class!"
  • "Any of our specialty themed classes!"
  • "My favorite thing about Stroller Strides is that I know I've never done it without my little workout buddy. He's been in class his whole life. He doesn't know anything different."
  • "Relearning all the words to kid's songs I thought I had forgotten."
  • "The craziest thing that ever happened to me in class was when I got my 3 1/2 year old out of the stroller at the end of class. I didn't realize until then that she had gotten into my lingerie drawer before class and PUT ON MY THONG AND WORE IT TO STROLLER STRIDES! I didn't see it because she had a dress/tunic covering her tush. Fortunately, it was on over her pants and her gymnastics leotard. She said, 'It's pretty, mama!'"

Thanks for the laughs, moms and kids. Thanks for letting me be your Instructor. Stride on, FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh, stride on!

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