Making It Work

I'm always amazed at how adaptable my fellow mothers are. Even the most scheduled and rigid among us, understand we have to just go with it sometimes. Kids are unpredictable. They flip our plans and our lives upside down and we're forced to change on the fly.

As a team of instructors for FIT4MOM, I think we're pretty awesome at doing this too.

We're not a gym .We don't have a brick and mortar location. We are this way by design. The classes and services we provide our moms are flexible to fit them. I love that we workout in different parks and shopping centers in our city. I love that my kids have been to lots of different playgrounds they may not have otherwise been to if we weren't there for Stroller Strides. I love that we run around a lake and do Body Back in a space with cool equipment one day and out among art at our state art museum the next.

In a way, the locations where we meet are part of our village too. You know that white wall where we take "before and after" pictures for Body Back? Yeah, we feel the pain and joy together there. How many conversations have we had at that one Starbucks after class, venting and celebrating the struggles and joys of motherhood? Too many to count.

But, not having the reliability of one spot means we have to change things up with our environments on occasion. The best example of this, of course is the weather. We are so lucky to be able to move inside the mall on rainy days, or into a gym in the winter. Last week, though....BOOM! An unforecasted thunderstorm popped up leaving nine moms turning to look at me as the skies opened up on what was a calm, overcast day. I shouted over the storm, "Okay! We're taking shelter in Chick-Fil-A! Jog or power walk, but you may want to run!" It turned into a fun play date. Our moms were so cool about it. We just went with it.

For the last month Christie has led a Body Back session in a smaller room instead of the large gym we're used to. The facility is in a local church that was undergoing MAJOR renovations. Their entire sanctuary moved to the gym. So, where we ran and did burpees, there was a pulpit and tons of chairs. Christie just made it work. We did some of class outside, we utilized the track upstairs in the building. We still got great workouts.

It's little things too. In one of the spaces we use for Body Back, the staff asks that we don't put weights directly on the floor surface in the group fitness room. Does Amanda stop using weights? Nope. She makes sure each mom has a mat or towel to set their weights on. She just makes it work so we still get to do some great strength training.

There are a thousand other things I can think of. FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh owner Missy said it best. "FIT4MOM Instructors show their true colors in the face of such teaching challenges. They model leadership, professionalism, positivity and the ability to think on their feet while making sure that are moms and kids are safe, feel included and supported and (oh yeah) get their workout in to."

I've been thinking of all the moms and instructors in the path of Hurricane Matthew this week. Going through social media I've seen cancelled classes and locations changed by our FIT4MOM friends in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. We are thinking of them and hoping for the best. We are so lucky that we are just getting some rain here in central North Carolina. We are no strangers to destructive hurricanes and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone. I know that any FIT4MOM instructors who have to deal with the aftermath of Matthew will weather the storm and be back out as a village, working out together soon. They'll make it work. That's what we do as mothers, and we're stronger for it.

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