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January, 2017 Mom of the Month

You'll find our January, 2017 Mom of the Month with a huge smile and a ready laugh at Body Back. This mother of three and Pennsylvania native gets up early and works out hard. Lori Philbin, we're so glad you're part of our village and we're so proud of all you've accomplished during your Body Back journey! Here's more about Lori:

Age: 42

Family: Married 12 years to husband John, a network engineer, Natalie (age 8), Jack (age 6), James (age 1 1/2)

Education: BA in English from Villanova University

Job: Part-time Marketing Consultant working from home

What brought you to FIT4MOM? "I was just really in a slump. I felt sluggish and sad and unhappy with my weight and my health and everything. I just needed to do something more drastic than I had ever done."

How many Body Back sessions have you done? "This is my fourth full session now!" (She started in April, 2016)

Tell us about your Body Back results? "So far I've lost 20 lbs. Which is great, but I want to lose more weight. It's getting harder now that I'm not breast feeding anymore...I've lost a lot of inches and I have gained a tremendous strength. I never did workouts like this before. I never did HIIT workouts. I just kind of was on the treadmill or went for a walk or used the elliptical. Never anything like this! I feel like I look more like I lost 30 lbs. than 20 because of the strength. I feel like I look younger. I have so much more energy."

Lori went on to tell us how Body Back changed her life: "I'm just different. I'm a different person that I was a year ago. It's amazing! A year ago this time I was miserable. I was completely sad, even though I had everything I wanted with my family and stuff. I was in a bad place."

What are your fitness goals for 2017? "I'd really like to lose 20 more lbs."

What would you tell a mom thinking about Body Back? "I would tell them to totally go for it. It's for all fitness levels. They work with you. If you can't do all the moves at first, they offer modifications. It can really be life changing. You have to really commit to better eating, which is big. That's really hard. You have to commit to the workouts too. For me, that wasn't hard...You shouldn't be intimidated if you haven't done this type of workout before."

What is an interesting fact people wouldn't know about you? "I met my husband at Mardi Gras in middle of Bourbon Street! (laughs) People say you can't meet your spouse at a bar. I feel like that's the ultimate bar situation and I found him there!"

We're glad you found FIT4MOM, Lori! We can't wait to see what you can do next!

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