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Instructor Profile: Kathryn Gentry

If you've been to a high-energy, super creative Stroller Strides class lately, you may have been in Kathryn Gentry's class. Kathryn brings her wealth of expertise in group fitness to class each week and has done an amazing job of welcoming Wake Forest and North Raleigh moms into our Village. Read more of this month's Instructor Profile to get to know Kathryn better.

Name: Kathryn Gentry

Hometown: Gastonia, NC

Family: She's been married to her husband Josh Gentry for four years. They have a son, Charlie, age 2. Charlie's due date was on their anniversary!

Education: Bachelors Degree in Business Management from NC State

Career: "I was Assistant Property Manager at a luxury apartment community in Brier Creek before Charlie was born. We won Property of the Year right before I left. The awards ceremony was actually two days before my due date. I worked in the property management industry for almost ten years and that was my first time winning a Triangle Apartment Association Award. So it was very exciting!"

How did you find FIT4MOM? "I found Fit4Mom through the Village group on Meetup.com. But I didn’t go to a play date event or class until I received the email from Missy saying she was looking to hire new instructors."

What is the best part of being in our FIT4MOM Village? "The best part of about our village is how supportive we all are of each other and each other’s kids. Everyone is willing to help out one another. I like that we are supportive during the big times in need and also for the small stuff. I remember my first Stroller Strides class a mom handed Charlie a toy to play with when he cried in the stroller. That still happens in class now. And every time - I’m grateful."

What is your favorite part about being part of the Instructor Team? "I have gained so much from being a part of the Instructor Team. I’m so grateful for all the friendships I have made. It’s so nice to be surrounded by other moms and like-minded women. I love teaching Stroller Strides because it allows me to be creative. I love coming up with new exercise routines and songs that are fun for the kiddos."

Favorite Exercise: "Maniacs."

Least Favorite Exercise: "Burpees."

What do you want our moms to know about you? "I have taught fitness classes since I was 19. I started teaching my sophomore year at NC State. I’ve taught Step, Hip Hop Cardio, Kickboxing and toning classes. My favorite class to teach was called Step, Punch & Crunch. The class involved high intensity intervals on the Step, then kickboxing, and abdominal work at the end. I’ve worked at several gyms in the Raleigh area. The thing I like most about Stroller Strides is that we get to workout outdoors and exercise with our kids. You can’t do that in a gym. It’s great socially for us as moms and for our children. And I credit Stroller Strides for the reason my child can count to 20 at two years-old."

What is something we wouldn't know about you? "This is hard because I feel that many times I reveal personal things about myself during warm-up questions. One of my questions was 'What did you want to be when you were a little girl?' I told them that I wanted to be one of the back-up dancers for Janet Jackson. I also told them how I used to do Jane Fonda videos on snow days when I was five or six. I asked some of the people who know me best this question. I got some good answers. My old boss said that "You may not know that Kathryn is a really good dancer, super competitive, and one of the few people that still writes thank you cards." One of my good friends from college reminded me that, before I was married, I played recreational indoor volleyball and sand volleyball. I also went white water rafting down the Gauley River in West Virginia.T hat was a fun adventure! My older sisters’ answers are too embarrassing to mention. It was very entertaining to find out how everyone else would answer that question."

To find out more interesting facts about Kathryn and get a great workout, head to one of her classes. She'll keep you moving. Kathryn, we are so glad to have you and Charlie with us!

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