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Instructor Profile: A New Team Member!

If you've seen a lovely new face with a sweet new baby in class, you may have met our newest Stroller Strides Instructor, Natalie Eicher! The Ohio native has great fitness and wellness experience and we're so glad she's here to share it with our moms in Raleigh and Wake Forest. Read on to find out why we are all in awe of Natalie and her transition in to new motherhood.

Name: Natalie Eicher

Age: 31

Family: "My husband is Justin and we've been married 4 years in May. Son's name is Anderson and he is 9 weeks old."

Hometown: Canton, Ohio

Education: "I graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Marketing and Sales."

Career: "I spent the last 9 years in technology sales before making a career transition into Integrative Health Coaching. I graduated in December from Duke's School of Integrative Medicine with certification in Integrative Health Coaching."

How did you come to FIT4MOM and what inspired you to become an Instructor? "One of my good friends, Brooke Olexa, is a FIT4MOM Instructor. I tried a Stroller Strides class while I was pregnant and really loved it! Through my own pregnancy journey, I realized that there weren't a lot of resources catered towards pre and postnatal fitness, overall health and very outdated information and preconceived notions about a woman's fitness capabilities while pregnant. I became passionate about educating myself and others about pre and postnatal health and ended up specializing in pre and postnatal health coaching during my education. I was inspired to join the FIT4MOM team because I wanted to be a part of an organization that catered fitness to women in any stage of motherhood and helped them to not only become healthy physically, but mentally as well with the support of the FIT4MOM Village."

What would you tell a new mom about our program? "I would say becoming a mother is one of the most rewarding experiences of life, but adjusting to motherhood is one of the single largest changes we will ever go through both physically and emotionally. FIT4MOM gives you the support and resources to be the healthiest version of yourself as a new mom. FIT4MOM helps mothers prioritize self care through workouts with a Village of moms by your side to give you a social outlet and support."

What is something funny or interesting about you? "My current goals this year include being able to do 10 unassisted pull-ups, getting on the game show Wheel of Fortune, and visiting 2 National Parks. Visiting all 58 National Parks by the age 58 is on my bucket list."

Come enjoy Natalie's creative and energetic classes in Wake Forest! We can't wait to see how she helps our moms become more fit. Welcome Natalie and Anderson!

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