Inside and Outside

Unless you've been living under a rock, a very cool rock, then you know we've been in quite the heat wave for what feels like forever here in the Triangle area. It's really only been like two weeks, but every evening your instructor team ends up sending texts to each other that go something like this:

Instructor: "Hey, so another heat advisory tomorrow. What do you think about moving class inside?"

Missy: "I think that's a good idea, let's get the word out."

We also send these kind of texts when there are storms in the forecast. I have nightmares about lightning strikes on the field while I have a class of moms and kids at Buffaloe Rd. Park. There have been times when we didn't move class for rain and I pulled up to a location to teach in a downpour. I'll never forget one mom parking next to me during monsoon-like rain. We cracked the windows and shouted to each other, "Okay, so we'll rain check this class!" Literally, rain check.

If I could bottle up the weather as it is in late April or early October, I would. I would make it 70 degrees and sunny with a slight breeze everyday. Ha! This is North Carolina. A girl can dream.

Thank goodness for alternatives! We as instructors feel so fortunate that we do have an indoor spot we can teach class. In the cold winter months and during the sweltering days we've had recently it's a welcome change. This week we have moved meetups to the Triangle Town Center Mall indoor playground after class. We just want to make sure our moms can still get their workouts in and don't feel that they can't count on our "village" because of the weather.

On Monday and Wednesday this week we tried to give options. We made one outdoor class and one indoor class available. It seems moms with kids who are a little older don't necessarily mind getting extra sweaty, plus we make a real effort to stay in the shade a lot. Moms of little teeny babies seemed to prefer the air conditioning. Of course, those are just general observations and everyone is different.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram so you always know where we're having class that day. Don't let the heat be an excuse for missing a workout or even just getting out of the house. Inside or outside, we'll make sure you have fun!

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