"I can't make it to class. My kid is sick."

We're drowning in Children's Motrin over here. No, it's not the flu. We got tested for all the strains of Influenza not covered by the shot I forced my kids to get back in the fall. It's not strep, so Amoxicillin won't do the job. Nope. It's a waiting game.

Friday I admonished my six year-old for not playing nicer with the other "big kids" after Stroller Strides. I didn't understand why she was clingy and anti-social. When we got home she fell asleep and I took her temperature. 100.6.

If you want to feel better about your parenting, just hang out with me. My poor baby. Four days later and she's still warm, clingy and anti-social.

I had to get another Instructor to cover my Stroller Strides class today. I had to get a workout in. I hate missing class. I REALLY hate missing a Monday. I'm also doing Boost 2.0. That's a group of us Body Back alumnae who are chatting on Facebook and trying to make sure we're all on track as we continue Body Back Boost classes. It's nowhere near the fantastic intensity of a Body Back session, but it's a nice little reminder of good habits.

So, I did an at-home workout. I was mostly barefoot, honestly. I put on shoes for some cardio portions. You CAN workout at home, you just have to get creative. Here's what I did. I put modifications in italics.

  • 25 squat jumps (squats with a calf raise)
  • 25 forward lunges
  • 1 minute plank hold (on knees if needed)
  • 25 bicycle crunches (A child tried to lay on me and the dog came to sniff me on the floor. Oh, right and left counted as one.) (standing)
  • 25 jumping jacks (modified jacks, stepping side to side instead of jumping)
  • 25 curtsy lunges
  • 1 minute plank jacks (phew!) (step out instead of jump)
  • 25 sit-ups (crunches or standing crunches)
  • 25 speed skaters (take out the jump)
  • 25 reverse lunges
  • 1 minute plank shoulder tap (I let my three year-old crawl under me at this point.) (plank on your knees)
  • 25 "Supermoms" (A "Superman" on the ground, on your belly, lifting arms and legs. (standing)

Repeat 2-3 times through. Get sweaty, but don't sweat it if you only get to it once or twice. It's SOMETHING. It's taking time for yourself. It's showing your kids that even though you're busy taking care of them, you believe you are worth it enough to take time for YOU!

Now I'm waiting for the second kid to get it and figuring out what at-home workouts I'll do later this week.

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