Great Gifts

My new favorite thing is walking up to class and seeing not just a fleet of jogging strollers, but a cluster of ponytails with matching headbands. This year we had the privilege of giving our FIT4MOM moms headbands to wear to classes.

I like seeing the bands get sweaty. I like seeing our moms have to take them off to adjust them because we just did a long series of burpees. I like that the kids see them and beg to have one too. Mostly, I love seeing us united with the colorful FIT4MOM logo. It's a symbol of our common goal of living a healthy life as mothers.

I got my band during Body Back. Amanda gave them to us during meditation. All Body Back classes end with meditation. After an intense HIIT class, those few quiet moments are amazing. Amanda gave each of us our headband while she discussed the gifts in our lives. I was so excited the day I got to give my class their bands. We're just so genuinely excited and thankful for all of them that it was exciting to give them a gift for the holidays.

Imagine my delight when I opened the mail to find another gift from the leader of our FIT4MOM family! Missy sent me a silver necklace with the jogging stroller logo of Stroller Strides. A little peridot dangles next to it. That's my birthstone. At Body Back I caught a glimpse of Amanda's Body Back butterfly logo on her necklace. It's beautiful.

I'm so blessed to have found FIT4MOM and got to make it my job. FIT4MOM has been a gift to me and now I have these gifts as reminders of that.

I've heard of family members buying our moms the gift of a 10-class Stroller Strides class or our popular 8 week Body Back session. Make FIT4MOM a gift to yourself in 2017, I promise it will be a gift worth sharing with others.

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