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Resolutions. Does anyone really like resolving to do anything? It feels so obligatory. In class this week we discussed goals instead. I asked our moms. "What are your goals, both fitness and non-fitness goals in 2017?" Don't call them resolutions! So here they are, in the words of our moms.

2017 Goals of FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh Moms:

"To stick with it!"

"To eat whole and eat cleaner."

"To not argue with my husband."

"More yoga. More patience."

"To do three pull-ups."

"Date night once per month."

"Add yoga to my weekly workout routine."

"Carry a book and read it in place of checking my phone whenever I'm waiting somewhere."

"Potty training! My son. Not me. I'm all set."

"Workout six days a week and one of those days is yoga!"

"I'm not going to say lose weight because when I say it, it's harder! (laughs) So, I'm going to say that I plan to eat better and continue my workouts."

"Eat less sugar!"

"Try to get into pre-baby clothes."

"I'm going to do what my husband said to me on New Years Eve, 'I'm going to love you more this year.' I thought that was the sweetest thing ever!"

"Meal plan every week!"

"To do a pistol squat!" (Don't worry. I had to look it up too. Just go to the link.)

"Be more affectionate with my children. It's easy with a one year-old. It's harder with the seven year-old boy. I don't want a year to go by and I haven't hugged and kissed him."

"Being nice to people."

Those are goals we can get behind! Can't wait to see what 2017 brings! There are spots in the winter Body Back sessions if you want to make that one of your goals. We're also SO EXCITED to bring prenatal FIT4BABY classes this year. Both start this month! Don't wait! As always, join us for Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre all year long. Happy New Year, moms!

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