Fit4Baby Prenatal Fitness

I loved being pregnant. Both times. Okay, the first trimester brings its challenges and when I made it past 40 weeks I thought I was going to lose my mind, but overall I liked it.

I see pregnant moms in Stroller Strides now and I'm all at once thrilled for them and jealous of them too. Thrilled because I know the excitement and joy that awaits them and jealous because I didn't get to do Stroller Strides when I was pregnant.

Yeah, I know. I'm a Stroller Strides instructor who didn't workout when she was pregnant. Nope. Not once. I walked the dog a lot and curb galloped to induce labor. (We do not endorse curb galloping. It didn't work, anyways.) I was very busy working full time when I was pregnant both times and didn't make it a priority to seek out classes like FIT4BABY. When a mom announces to us that she's pregnant the first thing that comes out of my mouth is "Congratulations! Oh my gosh, are you gonna do FIT4BABY?!"

Moms who suddenly stop going to Body Back because they're pregnant tell me they miss HIIT classes so much. Moms in Stroller Strides often say they want a moms-only workout while they're pregnant to really get to talk with other expectant moms. That's when we suggest our new FIT4BABY prenatal fitness class.

Our instructor, Carol is pregnant with her second baby. She is the perfect person to lead a group of pregnant moms in the new year. She said of FIT4BABY, "Now that I am pregnant I know I'm trying to find ways to keep up with exercise for my changing body and it seemed like a natural progression to offer a class for other women in the community whose bodies are going through the same changes in their pregnancies. I love that I get to take the moms-only approach to class that I have loved in Body Back and apply it to a moms-to-be only prenatal class."

If you've done Body Back, you know the joke that "If you see two pink lines, you're out!" That's because Body Back HIIT classes may be too intense for pregnant women. If you've done Stroller Strides, you know we have modifications for you when you're pregnant . FIT4BABY is truly a prenatal fitness class in every sense of the term. Carol added, "Every class is a different format. The class follows the FIT4MOM mix of cardio, strength, and core during a workout. FIT4BABY focuses on the training that's great for the pregnant body: working back and shoulders to keep your upper spine from rounding forward, and lower body and core to help adjust the natural enhanced curve that happens in the lower back."

Every exercise is appropriate for the expectant mother. Every pregnant woman in the FIT4BABY class is encouraged to listen to her body to do what's best for her and her baby. We also want each pregnant woman to be cleared by her doctor to participate in a prenatal fitness class.

Notice how we didn't use a picture of the mom's faces in this blog post? That's on purpose! Some in the class haven't announced to everyone that they're pregnant. Even if you're early in your pregnancy and want to join us, you're secret is safe with us! What are your fitness goals while you're expecting? Have a friend who's pregnant? Ask her to join us!

We wish you a happy and healthy gestation, mamas! We can't wait to meet all these 2017 FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh babies!

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