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August, 2017 Mom of the Month

This month we can't wait to introduce you to a mom who will get you running this fall and keeps us smiling in Body Back. Read on to find out how "cheesy" Sabrina Day really is.

1. Name- Sabrina Day

2. Age- 36

3. Family- Married to husband Rick for 8 years. They have one son, Owen, age 3.

4. Hometown- Williamsburg, VA

5. Education- Bachelor's degree in Biology from Mary Washington College and a Master's in Nutrition from Meredith College

6. Career- "For the most part I have been a project manager. I started at a Biotech company and my last job before having Owen was at a local food startup (more of a technology company) in Cambridge, MA."

7. What brought you to FIT4MOM?- "I had heard of FIT4MOM and was familiar with some of the classes but my first workout with the group was Running Club in the Fall of 2015. The main thing that drew me to this particular coached run was that everyone else was also a mom. They would understand the struggles of finding time for fitness, particularly training for a race and following a training plan, while raising children."

8. Describe your Body Back journey.- "The next step on my journey with FIT4MOM was Body Back. I enrolled in my first session in January 2017 and was hooked! I love the intense workouts! Every workout is different, keeping boredom at bay, and I have noticed changes in my body and an improvement in my running. I signed up for the spring session right after and have been boosting ever since. Body Back is really empowering for me. I prioritize the workouts and trying new healthy recipes. This self-care makes me a better mother, wife and friend. I have also met some really inspiring women! They are a great source of motivation and, with the instructors, create a safe space for everyone to be herself and share our triumphs and our struggles. I am signed up for the Fall 2017 session."

9. What would you tell a mom considering Body Back?- "That they should absolutely do it! The workouts are always high-energy! She is going to meet a great group of women who are all on their own fitness journey and all have insight to offer and helpful tips to share. And the support will help to keep her on track and motivated. It is nothing but a positive experience."

10. You're a runner. Tell us about your running career.- "My running career did not begin until I was 30. I played sports in high school, but for us running was actually punishment. After high school I played occasional sports and worked out at the gym to try to maintain fitness, but never liked running. It wasn’t until 2011, while living in Boston, that I took up running. One day I decided maybe I should try some races as a way to motivate myself. I signed up for a 5k, 10k and half marathon, found some training plans and started running. I also have some friends that are pretty serious runners and they were supportive, gave me tips about technique, and talked to me about equipment and cross training. Working towards a goal definitely worked for me and completing that first half marathon is still one of my proudest moments. I felt like I had come so far from the woman that hated running. So I signed up for more races, made new goals and just immersed myself in running. I have since completed 6 half marathons and a full marathon (Chicago 2016). Running has taken on a new significance since becoming a mother. I am a stay at home Mom. I give so much of myself to my child, that running is something I give to myself. I am setting and reaching goals outside of motherhood. And my child sees me reaching those goals. I also really like the medals at the end of a race. Maybe I’m just in it for the hardware!"

11. What led you to become a FIT4MOM Running Club instructor?- "My desire to be a running instructor comes from my desire to help other people. I am excited about the opportunity to help women who are new to running, discover the sport and push themselves outside their comfort zone a little bit. I also want to help experienced runners stay motivated and maybe even learn a little something new. I also know these women have much to teach me and am looking forward to the journey as a Running Club instructor."

12. What would you tell a mom who says "I can't run. I'm not a runner. I hate running?"- "She can become a runner! Try signing up for a local race, such as a 5k. Having a racing goal to work towards and a training plan to follow is sometimes all it takes. Also, find some running buddies. They will be really motivating. And to remember, it’s not about how far or how fast you go it’s just about lacing up and heading out."

13. What is something funny or unusual that people might not know about you?- "I was once a member of the American Cheese Society and attended their annual conference. It was for work but since I’m obsessed with cheese it was a perfect fit. I ate so much cheese that weekend!"

Come run with Sabrina this fall! Enrollment for Running Club is open now!

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