April, 2017 Mom(s) of the Month: Body Back With Your Mother-In-Law!

This is a FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh first! For Mom of the Month we're featuring two amazing Body Back moms and they're in the same family! You'll find new mom, Durya sweating it out in the early mornings for her second Body Back session. She rocked it in her first session this winter and inspired her mother-in-law to join us! Dalal keeps us laughing in the mid-morning session this spring. A proud grandma, she always has a cute grandbaby picture to show off! They live in the same house and can support each other this whole journey. Read on to find out more about how two generations are coming together to get fit!

Name- Durya Chaudhary

Age- 30

Hometown- Born in Europe and moved all around. Lived in California and now Raleigh.

Family- Married 2 1/2 years to husband Alaa, an Operations Manager for a sneaker company. They have a one year-old daughter.

Education- Graduate of UCLA and formerly a teacher who taught 4th through 8th grades.

Name- Dalal Dahir

Age- 52

Hometown- Born in Palestine, but raised in Kuwait. She has called Raleigh home for more than 30 years. She laughs and says, "My kids are southern! My kids were born at Rex Hospital. They went to Wake County Schools and North Carolina colleges."

Family- Married to her husband Ghassan for 32 years. He is an entrepreneur and and business owner. They have three adult children. (One is Durya's husband.) and one granddaughter.

What brought you to Body Back?

Durya- "I knew about Stroller Strides. I looked it up and found FIT4MOM. I really wanted to lose my post baby weight. I found out about this 8 week fitness boot camp and I signed up."

Dalal- "With my daughter-in-law, she started, she did a session before me. The transformation that happened was amazing! You can see the definintion in her abs. She just felt so good! It just made her feel happier. So, that inspired me to do it. I know I will not have a six pack, but hopefully I will lose some weight and that will be easier on my joints."

Durya, tell us about your first Body Back session.

Durya- "My results were really good the first time! The first time I lost over 9 pounds and a few inches. It was a noticeable difference. My eating drastically changed. I cut out all refined, added sugars during that time. I cut out red meat during that time. I do normally eat it, though. I stayed away from anything white, white flour, white rice. Cleaner, healthier eating."

You are our first Daughter-In-Law/Mother-In-Law pair to do Body Back. Durya, what did you say to Dalal about the program?

Durya- "She had been going to the gym, but she hasn't been the past few years. She said she wasn't as fit as she could be. She saw what I did in Body Back and I said, 'Wouldn't it be cool if you do it?' She went ahead and did it!"

Dalal- "What inspired me the most to do this is my body aches. I have autoimmune diseases. I have Crohn's, I have Psoriasis and a little bit of Rheumatoid Arthritis. The worst is the Crohn's, since 2000. Since my body started aching so much, even if I'm not doing anything I thought, 'I need to get in shape. I need to play with my granddaughter. I need to get out with her.' I'm still young! I can't be in pain and just doing nothing.'"

Dalal, what would you say to another grandmother who thinks she may be too old for Body Back?

Dalal- "I would say, 'No, go do it!' The things you can't do like everyone else, do at your own pace. Some of the things I can't do, my body doesn't allow me. I ask what I can do instead and the instructor tells me. You can do it! Just being around younger people makes me feel like I want to do more. It helps. It helps you want to be young again! "

Durya, what would you tell a mom who has a baby and is not very confident in her fitness level?

Durya- "I would tell that mom that, first of all, it's VERY normal that you feel that way! Our bodies do change after giving birth. It's probably the hardest thing a human can do. Be proud of yourself. Don't beat yourself up at all. Give yourself time and patience to get back to where you want to be. It's really good to find a community like this. When you have that bond and you support one another, you feel better about yourself and you find you can really achieve your goals because you're not doing it alone."

Describe having each other as support and what this program means for your family.

Dalal- "It's a lot of support. They live with us. We eat the same food. The same refrigerator. It's a lot of help for me, I'm eating this way. She's eating the same way, Everyone has to follow whatever we cook, whatever we make. It's just much easier to do with someone else, especially if you're in the same house."

Describe the response when you tell the other moms you are doing this together.

Durya- "Everyone is really excited for us! They think it's really cool that two different generations are doing it and that we're both partaking on this journey together. Eventually it will be a really cool thing to tell my daughter, that her mother and her grandmother did this together."

You both inspire us! We can't wait to see what you achieve during this session and in the future. We love having your family be part of our FIT4MOM family!

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