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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

We came up with this gift list as an Instructor Team and I have to say, we are some smart little elves. I mean, we all know moms are the ultimate Santas but this year we brought it. I love this list of fitness and non-fitness related items. These are all for you, mamas. Happy Holidays!

1. Jogging Stroller- If you're a Stroller Strides mom you know the value of a great jogging stroller. When you're expecting a second baby, some moms feel the sticker shock of a double jogger, but most find it worth it. The one we show here is a BOB Duallie Double Jogger. Two kids are heavy pushing up Raleigh's hills. It's never easy, but the Double BOB makes it smoother and keep the kids comfy while you get your workout.

2. Instant Pot- Who among us doesn't have 20 friends who rave about these things on Facebook? It's a programmable, electric pressure cooker. It's like a super CrockPot or something. I want one to make healthy, Body-Back friendly recipes in the new year. I love seeing our moms share their favorite Instant-Pot meals.

3. FlipBelt- Several of our Running Club moms have discussed the best way to carry your phone, keys etc. The obvious answer, a running belt. The FlipBelt scored rave reviews with moms no matter if you're wearing shorts or leggings. Run, mama, run! Your stuff is safe and won't flop around while you're running.

4. FIT4Baby- Pregnant? Have a friend expecting a 2018 baby? FIT4Baby would be the ideal class as a gift to yourself or for a friend. We'll have classes at UNC Rex Hospital Women's Center! We're now enrolling for 6-week sessions Sunday 6pm and Tuesday 6:30pm. Pregnancy is the perfect time to commit to you and your baby's health! Sign up for more than one session and save! Use promo code SWEAT4TWO at check out to save 15% off your total purchase of multiple sessions.

5. Motiv Ring- Oh the fitness tracker debate! Which is the best? So many to choose from these days. The Motiv Ring is one of the smallest. It's a ring that tracks activity, sleep and heart rate. It syncs with your iPhone. (No Android, yet.) You can wear it in the shower. They have a rose gold colored one! Pretty!

6. Balega Socks- "These don't slip! They're amazing!" That's what I hear from our moms about the Balega running socks. Soft, moisture wicking and seamless. Get those in your stockings and on your feet!

7. FIT4MOM Hoodie- This hoodie, ya'll. It's not super thick and sweatshirty, you know? You can layer it. It's thin and soft. It has the new FIT4MOM logo embroidered on the front. Perfect for cool days of outdoor workouts.

8. Athleta Sculptek jeans- Rethink mom jeans! We have several moms who love these babies. Fitted, stretchy and comfy. Look at that woman in the picture above wearing those jeans. We all practically stretch that much as moms in our jeans as we carry babies and pick up toys. We need that stretch!

9. Body Back- Have you been on the fence about signing up for Body Back? This Gift Guide is the sign you need. If you want results and get the accountability and motivation you need, Body Back is for you, 8 week sessions start in January. It's the perfect gift from your family or to yourself.

10. Hidrate Spark- Hidrate Spark is a smart water bottle that monitors your water intake. Seriously? What a time to be alive, ladies! It syncs to an app on your phone. Lights flash when you need to drink more water and celebrates when you've met your daily water goals.

The only thing this list is missing is Starbucks gift cards. Every mom needs those. Tuck them in your new socks, water bottle, running belt, hoodie pocket or jeans. Just don't cook it in your Instant Pot. Do something for you this holiday season, mama!

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