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We're so excited to have a crop of fabulous new Instructors! This new Instructor is so dedicated to fitness, she brings her husband to Stroller Strides for Saturday class too! Welcome Ohio native and pregnant mama, Brooke Olexa to the FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh Instructor Team! Here's more about Brooke:

Age- 29

Family- Brooke has been married to her husband Mark for almost four years. He's a Regional Manager for an orthodontics sales company, They have their daughter Meredith, age 1. A second daughter is due June 8. She has the same due date as Meredith!

Hometown- Dayton, Ohio

Education- "For undergrad I went to Ohio University and was a Business Major; I got my Masters in Education from The University of Southern California."

Career- "I use to teach 8th grade Social Studies, but then switched to home schooling for a family (twin boys) and have been doing that part time for the past 3 years. I also tutor all levels in reading and math."



Someone asked me what I do and I explained that I'm a fitness instructor for FIT4MOM and I teach Stroller Strides. Their reply was, "Oh, like a 'Mommy and Me' class. How fun for you! That's neat."

Ew. That felt patronizing.

"Mommy and Me?" I mean, technically, yes for Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre we are a class where you can workout with your child, but the "Mommy and Me" label makes me think of 1990's big-banged ladies in denim maternity jumpers singing nursery rhymes. (Please don't ask me how many different Google searches I did to find an image similar to the one in my mind. I found no worthy pictures.) Somehow the phrase lessens what we do and doesn't show us as modern mothers in 2017 who are striving to improve fitness levels.

Maybe I'm being too sensitive and let me be clear, I'm not knocking anything entitled "Mommy and Me," but we're more.

Let me tell you what I see in the Stroller Strides classes I teach and the Body Back classes I attend. I see "mommies" getting out of the house for the first time. I see them shaking off the...


I've heard someone say of this month's Mom of the Month, "She IS FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh!" This month we feature a veteran and one of the true hearts of our village. Also, it should be noted that if you need information on great deals on Lilly Pulitzer, or details on the best table centerpiece for your dinner party, Nora Bray is your girl.

I'm teasing her of course. Read on to find out how Nora is so much more than monograms.

Family: Husband John works in software, they've been married 12 years. Cooper is 8, a second grader. Jack is 3 1/2.

Hometown: "I was born in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, but we moved to Durham when I was 10."

Education: BA in English and Writing with a Minor in Journalism from East Carolina University

Career: "I was a gourmet food and confection broker. That's why I don't eat chocolate. People are like 'Do you eat chocolate all the time?' and I'm like, 'No. I sat in an office with chocolate.'"


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We're so excited to be growing our Instructor Team this year! This month we're introducing you to our newest Body Back instructor, Jessica Martin! This North Carolina native and Tar Heel alumna is expecting her second baby and helping more mamas stay fit. Welcome Jessica! Read more about her:

Age- 30!

Family- My husbands name is Brad & we will have been married for 9 years this July. He is an Engineer. Connor, my son just turned 4 at the end of January. He's never met a stranger or been afraid to break into dance in the middle of a group. I'm due with our second child on Aug 6th, 2017. I didn't workout at all when pregnant with Connor so I'm excited to stay active during this pregnancy!

Education- Graduated from the University of North Carolina! Go Tar Heels!

Hometown- Goldsboro NC. However my dad was in the military so we moved around some. Got to spend 6 years living in Japan!

Career- Before I choose to stay at home with Connor I worked with BREC which is the...


More than two years ago I was on my way to Stroller Strides. I was still in my house at this point, You moms understand where I was at. It was that point where we were almost ready to get in the car, but not quite. I still needed to grab snacks, and shoes. I think I had the stroller in the car at the time, but I'm not sure.

I'd love to have a more exciting story of how I broke my foot, like I was totally killing it doing some traveling burpees in class or during some hard core box jumps along the ledge of the North Hills fountain. Maybe I broke my foot while jogging with the stroller and kicked a vicious dog away from my children.

No. No, I broke my foot getting ready for Stroller Strides after rolling my ankle when I missed a step walking down the steps into my garage. It hurt. Yeah. No Stroller Strides for three months. Even when I got back into it, I still wasn't all back. It took a long time to go full-out all the time. Running hurt where I had the break. My ankles were weak from the tendon tear.

I still wanted to workout. I needed to get strength back. I...

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Wednesday it was raining and cold. I couldn't find my 3 year-old son's Thomas the Tank Engine rain coat. I dropped off my daughter, chilly and wet. I turned out of her school, wipers on high, and headed to teach a midweek Stroller Strides class. I navigated soggy traffic and glanced in the rear view mirror to see that my son had fallen asleep.

It wasn't long after that I heard the unmistakable sound of crunching metal and glass. I slammed on my breaks and swerved to avoid a Honda Civic that had just bounced off of a pickup truck. It was seconds. So fast. I ended up on the curb, next to the vehicles involved in the crash, safe and untouched, but shaken. I hopped out to help the girl in the car who was not hurt, but really upset. After talking with the police officer who thankfully got to the scene very quickly, I let the girl have my umbrella, explained I had to hurry to teach a fitness class, and the officer helped watch traffic as I backed up and got back on the road.

It was still raining and I was shaking as I drove. I realized that if I hadn't swerved the car...

kids watching.jpg

My three year-old son came into the living room the other day and proudly announced "I do skotts, Mama! See!" That's when he proceeded to bend his knees while bouncing his Pull-Up covered rear end in the air. I chuckled when I realized he was trying to do squats. I said, "Good job, buddy! You crushed those squats!"

I hear his renditions of "Ring Around The Rosy," "Itsy Bitsy Spider," and "Wheels on the Bus" all the time. Of course I would. Those are popular children's songs. But, it's different. My son sings them because he hears those beloved songs at Stroller Strides. He hears his mother breathlessly shout "ALL THROUGH THE TOWN!" at a line of other moms doing bicep curls. He has learned that mommy almost always sings "The Ants Go Marching" while doing walking lunges. I've wondered if the primary way he'll remember these childhood favorites is not from library story time, but from his mother's workouts. One of our moms told me her kids sing "The Stretching Song" every night before bed. It's part of their lives too. They are listening and watching.

My kids see me...

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You'll find our January, 2017 Mom of the Month with a huge smile and a ready laugh at Body Back. This mother of three and Pennsylvania native gets up early and works out hard. Lori Philbin, we're so glad you're part of our village and we're so proud of all you've accomplished during your Body Back journey! Here's more about Lori:

Age: 42

Family: Married 12 years to husband John, a network engineer, Natalie (age 8), Jack (age 6), James (age 1 1/2)

Education: BA in English from Villanova University

Job: Part-time Marketing Consultant working from home

What brought you to FIT4MOM? "I was just really in a slump. I felt sluggish and sad and unhappy with my weight and my health and everything. I just needed to do something more drastic than I had ever done."

How many Body Back sessions have you done? "This is my fourth full session now!" (She started in April, 2016)

Tell us about your Body Back results? "So far I've lost 20...


I loved being pregnant. Both times. Okay, the first trimester brings its challenges and when I made it past 40 weeks I thought I was going to lose my mind, but overall I liked it.

I see pregnant moms in Stroller Strides now and I'm all at once thrilled for them and jealous of them too. Thrilled because I know the excitement and joy that awaits them and jealous because I didn't get to do Stroller Strides when I was pregnant.

Yeah, I know. I'm a Stroller Strides instructor who didn't workout when she was pregnant. Nope. Not once. I walked the dog a lot and curb galloped to induce labor. (We do not endorse curb galloping. It didn't work, anyways.) I was very busy working full time when I was pregnant both times and didn't make it a priority to seek out classes like FIT4BABY. When a mom announces to us that she's pregnant the first thing that comes out of my mouth is "Congratulations! Oh my gosh, are you gonna do FIT4BABY?!"

Moms who suddenly stop going to Body Back because they're pregnant tell me they...

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Resolutions. Does anyone really like resolving to do anything? It feels so obligatory. In class this week we discussed goals instead. I asked our moms. "What are your goals, both fitness and non-fitness goals in 2017?" Don't call them resolutions! So here they are, in the words of our moms.

2017 Goals of FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh Moms:

"To stick with it!"

"To eat whole and eat cleaner."

"To not argue with my husband."

"More yoga. More patience."

"To do three pull-ups."

"Date night once per month."

"Add yoga to my weekly workout routine."

"Carry a book and read it in place of checking my phone whenever I'm waiting somewhere."

"Potty training! My son. Not me. I'm all set."

"Workout six days a week and one of those days is yoga!"

"I'm not going to say lose weight because when I say it, it's harder! (laughs) So, I'm going to say that I plan to eat better and continue my workouts."

"Eat less sugar!"

"Try to get into pre-baby clothes."

"I'm going to do what my husband said to me on...


My new favorite thing is walking up to class and seeing not just a fleet of jogging strollers, but a cluster of ponytails with matching headbands. This year we had the privilege of giving our FIT4MOM moms headbands to wear to classes.

I like seeing the bands get sweaty. I like seeing our moms have to take them off to adjust them because we just did a long series of burpees. I like that the kids see them and beg to have one too. Mostly, I love seeing us united with the colorful FIT4MOM logo. It's a symbol of our common goal of living a healthy life as mothers.

I got my band during Body Back. Amanda gave them to us during meditation. All Body Back classes end with meditation. After an intense HIIT class, those few quiet moments are amazing. Amanda gave each of us our headband while she discussed the gifts in our lives. I was so excited the day I got to give my class their bands. We're just so genuinely excited and thankful for all of them that it was exciting to give them a gift for the holidays.

Imagine my delight when I opened the mail to find another gift...


Mary Claire is adorable. I love seeing her and her mom, Megan stroll up to my class. Mary Claire is a sweet, toddling one year-old who loves her baby dolls. This was Mary Claire last week during Stroller Strides.


It's hard to find someone working harder in Body Back than our November, 2016 Mom of the Month! Megan Wood-Tunnel set the goal of being able to wear her wedding ring again after her second baby. She did it after her first 8 week Body Back session and has lost nearly 30 lbs. in the two additional sessions since. We're proud of Megan for all her hard work, but we really love seeing her smile at every workout.

Age: 34

Lives: Raleigh, NC

Family: Husband Matt and Elsie Barrett, 3 1/2 and Silas 20 months

Hometown: Elizabeth City, NC

Education: Bachelor's degree in education from Appalachian State University and a Master's degree from Meredith College

Career: Teacher for ten years

What has been the best part of Body Back? "It's hard to for me to pick one part! (laughs) I think it's just helped me put my life, myself back into focus instead of just focusing on my kids."



There is an intensity the day of Body Back assessments after eight weeks . The room of tired mothers who once questioned what they could do, suddenly seem stronger and more energized. Yes, each is thinner, but more importantly they're stronger. I was honored to join them this past session on their final day for assessments.

For me personally, the final day of assessments in Body Back sessions I have done always meant pushing myself to see how long I could hold plank. The last session I did this spring I held for 5:05 alongside one of my best friends. It was awesome. I couldn't believe what I had done. I found out later another mom in the evening class held plank for 5:06. What!? If I had only held out two more seconds! Ha! I'm kidding.

I chatted with a mom during Stroller Strides last week who had just finished Body Back. She explained how many inches she had dropped in just 8 weeks. She smiled, kind of amazed at what she had done. She's a good sport. I had been picking on her and making her use the higher intensity red bands instead of the green bands in Stroller...


I had the privilege of lacing up and meeting up with some of our moms at Shelley Lake last week. Elaine led FIT4MOM Running Club. I was thrilled to have my kids at school and my husband back in town so I could breathe in the lake air and feel the pavement beneath me.

When I came up I was so excited to see new faces. A few moms like me came solo. Others had little people strapped in their strollers. It was cool, sunny and everything was as it should be for a good run. I loved that Elaine led us in something I NEVER do before a run. A warm-up.

I know! I know! I should warm up before running. Thank goodness for Elaine. I was worried I couldn't go the distance if I didn't have my headphones in listening to music. That is what keeps me motivated to run.

With so many new faces, I really wanted to know what brought them to Running Club. I chatted with a smiling red haired mom and her adorable new baby daughter. It was Stephanie Orihood with little Maggie. I asked her what inspired her to lace up with us.

She said, "I met one of the other instructors, Cindi....


If you've seen a smiling, friendly face who adoringly speaks Spanish to her bright-eyed baby boy, then you may have met Beatrice Negrin! She is our October, 2016 Mom of the Month! This Florida native is in one of our current fall Body Back sessions and a Stroller Strides regular.

Age: 33

Family: Husband Luis of two years and their infant son Aaron.

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Residence: Lived in Florida for 3 years.

Education: Bachelor's in Emergency Services Management and Criminal Justice at Florida International University

Career: Wake County, NC District Attorney's Office in the Special Victims Unit

What brought you to Stroller Strides? "I wanted to get back in shape....The fact that we could come here and meet other moms, get to know people. We could have a system, a village."

Favorite Exercise: "Walking lunges"

Least Favorite Exercise: "Burpees"



I'm always amazed at how adaptable my fellow mothers are. Even the most scheduled and rigid among us, understand we have to just go with it sometimes. Kids are unpredictable. They flip our plans and our lives upside down and we're forced to change on the fly.

As a team of instructors for FIT4MOM, I think we're pretty awesome at doing this too.

We're not a gym .We don't have a brick and mortar location. We are this way by design. The classes and services we provide our moms are flexible to fit them. I love that we workout in different parks and shopping centers in our city. I love that my kids have been to lots of different playgrounds they may not have otherwise been to if we weren't there for Stroller Strides. I love that we run around a lake and do Body Back in a space with cool equipment one day and out among art at our state art museum the next.

In a way, the locations where we meet are part of our village too. You know that white wall where we take "before and after" pictures for Body Back? Yeah, we feel the pain and joy together there. How many...

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I used to joke that if you saw me running, you better run too because something was chasing me. I would say, "Running is the worst! Am I right?!" I complained that running was boring and lonely. As an uber-extrovert I explained that for me to exercise I needed a class. I needed talking, music and motivation. Naturally, Stroller Strides and Body Back are a good fit for me. Lately, something has changed.

I think I might be a runner now.

No, seriously.

Tomorrow I know my husband will be home from a long business trip. He can hang with the kids for a bit. I'll hope for overcast skies and cool air. I'm not sure how it happened exactly, but these days I can't wait for the chance to lace up,

I guess it started during my last session of Body Back. I needed to fit in a workout on the off days. I just started going for runs in my neighborhood. At first I didn't go for that long. I started going further, walking up big hills when I needed to. I went even further, discovering new streets and cul-de-sacs. I found trails and bridges I didn't know were quite...

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Our September 2016 Mom of the Month is always going hard at Stroller Strides with a cute, smiley baby in tow. Meet Raleigh resident Alex Roth and sweet little Liam! Read on to learn more about this native Floridian and die-hard Florida State Seminoles fan!

Children: Liam, <1

Age: 25

Job: Office Manager and Dispatcher for a delivery company

Hometown: Boca Raton, FL

Favorite Exercise: Get-to-Know-You Wall Sit "I like burpees now!" (Give Alex an award for that answer!)

Least Favorite Exercise: Squat with leg lift

What brought you to Stroller Strides? "I wanted to get back into shape after having Liam. Not only for physical reasons but mental health. Exercising has always made me feel good. I looked on MeetUp and saw that there was something I could do WITH Liam and I was like, 'Wow! That's awesome!'"

What are your fitness goals? "Just being healthier. Obviously losing weight would be nice, but...


I was reflecting on my FIT4MOM life the other day. No reason, really. Maybe it's because I had just spent part of a Sunday afternoon meeting with our instructor team who I adore working with and am always in awe of when I take their classes. As we discussed the upcoming fall season we talked about the new shirts we're offering this month.

These are not the great FIT4MOM tank tops, of which I have nearly a dozen. No, these shirts are tiny and colorful. I saw them and they made me smile. "Mom's Workout Buddy."

I've been taking or teaching Stroller Strides for 2 1/2 years now. Every class has had a constant. He has big hazel eyes and wild brown curls, almost as wild as he is. My son Henry has been going to Stroller Strides since he was three months-old. Feeling the wind on his face as I run is his favorite. I hear the pounding of my feet on the pavement between his squeals of "Go, Mommy, go!" He thinks nothing of his mother holding a squat in front of him, singing a nursery rhyme song and tickling his feet. He knows the words to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "The Ants Go...


Last week we had our moms answer "You know you're a Body Backer when...." Well, this week we couldn't leave out a huge part of our FIT4MOM village. Our Stroller Strides moms filled in the blanks.

"You know you're a Stroller Strider when..."

Your stroller NEVER comes out of the car.

When your child thinks the words to the "Alphabet Song" are "A-B-C-D-E-F-G...step up on the step with me!"

Your child can count backwards from 20 before entering preschool.

When your kiddo meets his new teacher for the first time and shows her his squat.

When you can say you've bear crawled across the mall with your butt in the air.

When you're always talking about it and naturally assume every mother knows what it is.

Your child thinks all horses were once camels

Singing Bingo requires a wall sit

Every time you go to the grocery store, you're sweaty.

When it takes you six hours to shower after your workout but only 5 minutes...


It's well known that doing a session of Body Back changes you. I'm not just talking about the amazing physical transformations that we've seen among our moms in all their before and after pictures. It's not just that. Body Back often changes participants' fitness outlook, routines and relationships with food. So I asked our moms this week to fill in the blank.

"You know you're a Body Backer when..." Here are the answers:

"When a wall sit is a rest."

"When you challenge your husband to a burpee contest and you DOMINATE!"

"You find yourself lecturing your parents, friends, and anyone you eat with about eating real food and cutting out the processed 'low fat' and 'lite' foods they think are helping them lose weight."

"When you roll down the window in the car and use the air to dry your sweaty hair."

"Halfway through the 5:30am class you realize your shirt is on inside out because you put it on in the closet in the dark trying not to wake anyone up and you don't even turn it right side in because the burpee you are currently...

Aug motm.jpg

The coolest babies come to Stroller Strides. If you've seen a super cool baby wearing shades in class while her hard working mama gets a great workout, then you've likely met our August, 2016 Mom of the Month! We're excited to have Pennsylvania native Lindsey Conley and her daughter Charlie join us!

Family: Lindsey has been married to her husband Zack for 2 1/2 years. They have a newborn daughter, Charlie and live in Raleigh.

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Education: Bachelor's degree in English from Clarion University and Master's degree in Education from California University of Pennsylvania.

Career: 4th grade teacher in Raleigh for 2 1/2 years before staying home with Charlie.

What brought you to Stroller Strides? "I thought being a Stay At Home Mom would be really awesome but I got bored after four weeks. I had to get out of the house."

What is your favorite thing about Stroller Strides? "I like having to be accountable for my...


Unless you've been living under a rock, a very cool rock, then you know we've been in quite the heat wave for what feels like forever here in the Triangle area. It's really only been like two weeks, but every evening your instructor team ends up sending texts to each other that go something like this:

Instructor: "Hey, so another heat advisory tomorrow. What do you think about moving class inside?"

Missy: "I think that's a good idea, let's get the word out."

We also send these kind of texts when there are storms in the forecast. I have nightmares about lightning strikes on the field while I have a class of moms and kids at Buffaloe Rd. Park. There have been times when we didn't move class for rain and I pulled up to a location to teach in a downpour. I'll never forget one mom parking next to me during monsoon-like rain. We cracked the windows and shouted to each other, "Okay, so we'll rain check this class!" Literally, rain check.

If I could bottle up the weather as it is in late April or early October, I would. I would make it 70 degrees and sunny with...

paddle board photo.jpg

When I get the question "What is FIT4MOM?" The short answer usually includes a quick description of Stroller Strides and some words about Body Back. Those are the programs we're most known for, right? That's what it's about.

Yes, but there's more. I scrolled through my Facebook last weekend and couldn't stop grinning at some of my FIT4MOM friends soaking wet and smiling by the lake. I saw faces that I see nearly every week at Stroller Strides. I saw faces that have gotten really sweaty at Body Back. It was cool to see them in a different workout environment.

Kristin 2.jpg

If you've seen a mom at Stroller Strides with a beautiful, long blond ponytail and an adorable new baby, it's probably our July Mom of the Month! Meet Florida native, Kristin Grit and her daughter Isabelle!


I made a point to get to Stroller Barre this week. I like to vary my workouts through each week. I try to get to Stroller Strides even when I'm not teaching and to a couple Body Back classes because of my HIIT happiness. I also run on the weekends in my neighborhood.

A lot of moms ask us, "What makes Stroller Barre different from Stroller Strides?"

They are very similar for sure, but there are key differences. If you've been to a barre class before, you kind of get the idea. If you have been to Stroller Strides, you have an even better idea. Stroller Strides is a total body workout that incorporates power walking, strength, toning, oh, and singing songs you thought you had forgotten to your kids. Stroller Barre does all of those things with a unique blend of ballet, Pilates, barre and yoga. Moms build strength, add muscle tone and improve posture. The woman who created Stroller Barre is a former professional ballerina. Dance for the win!

FIT4MOM states, "Postpartum...

bb all final.jpg

I had a conversation with a mom last week after Stroller Strides that went something like this:

Me: "You've really been working hard in class. You're doing great. Have you thought about doing Body Back?"

Her: "I just don't think I could keep up. You guys work hard."

Me (smiling): "Well, none of us could keep up in the beginning. Trust me! We had to work at it."

Later I really thought about how I used to be in Body Back classes and what I can do now. It's been 1 1/2 years, 3 full 8-week sessions and many Boost classes. I'm a Body Back veteran and may or may not be a card carrying, flag flying HIIT addict at this point. (HIIT means "High Intensity Interval Training." "Boost" refers to our Body Back Boost program. Moms who are "boosting" or have bought a Body Back Boost pass can drop in to any Body Back classes after completing the 8-week program.)

Scroll back up to the top and take a look at the pictures from my Body Back journey...

ss ww 3.jpg

I lathered up my kids with sunscreen and let them wear their swim suits to class last week. Confused and fascinated, they asked a million questions as I pulled up to North Hills Midtown Park instead of the Commons where we usually meet for class. "Mommy, why are we here?" "Can we get in that water?!" they shrieked while pointing at the small fountains around the amphitheater stage. My two year-old son just pointed and squealed at the crane and multiple bulldozers at the construction sites around where our class was to be held.

Last week we had the privilege of hosting a special free Stroller Strides class with a "Wet and Wild" theme. An event like this is so exciting for us as instructors. We get to host new moms who want to try Stroller Strides, we see moms who maybe haven't been to class in awhile and all our incredible regular moms who make our jobs so fun. It's great energy. It's always an exciting class to have these special events. Behind the scenes work goes into it before warm-up begins.

Missy is our owner, an instructor and an all around fearless leader. She...

Erin and Lillian.jpg

This month's Mom of the Month is a three year Fit4Mom veteran. She's been attending Stroller Strides classes since her three year-old daughter Lillian was just a few months old. Lillian has grown up right in front of us, always making us smile with her sweet songs and smiles. (More of Lillian's singing to come.)

More about Erin:

Age: 32

Hometown: Goldsboro, NC

Significant other: Married four years to her husband Robert

Kids: Lillian, age 3, Baby Sappah 2 is due in September! (Take your best guess. Boy or girl? They aren't finding out!)

Smarts: Bachelor's degree in Accounting from UNC Wilmington, Masters in business from NC State

Job: Part-time accounting for RJS Contracting, which she owns with Robert

What keeps you coming back to Stroller Strides? "I think it's just the group of moms I've become friends with and also it's a good workout. I don't have to leave her in child care. She likes it! She...

Pullen Family Class 2.jpg

Everyone loves a free mommy-and-me activity since (let's be honest) you just never know how it will go over and want to be able to try a new thing risk-free or be able to scoot out at a moments notice without having wasted your $! Here are our favorite local free mommy & me activities...

1. The library! Story times abound at our local libraries here in Wake County but be sure to check the schedule online before you go. Some popular ones require a ticket (first come, first served) and they take breaks for a few weeks throughout the year. Our favorites are at North Regional and Cameron Village Libraries!

2. The Parks! Our local parks systems provide a plentiful and diverse selection of free places to explore. We have destination parks (like Pullen Park) and parks with walking trails (like Shelley Lake Park) and pocket parks (that means they're small and have no bathrooms or off-street parking- like Roanoke Park). We even have a gorgeous public Rose Garden that is an ideal spot (May-Sept) for picnics, photos and...


Have you heard about our transformative 8-week Body Back program? Lose lbs and inches and gain strength, endurance and muscle tone... and a whole batch of new mom friends! This brave mama (pictured on this blog post) just finished her first 8-week session and we think her results are downright inspiring!

You can read more about our program here and register for an upcoming session and get YOUR Body Back!

Questions? Email

Missy's Body Back Results.jpg

Hello all- I'm your local FIT4MOM Midtown Raleigh franchisee and I'm pleased to share my Body Back journey with you. I'm hoping my story and photos will help you make the decision to take your own journey!

In November 2013, another Instructor, Cindi, and I went to Body Back Instructor training with a tentative plan in place for the New Year- she would teach the classes and I would be the administrator for the program. We started training with our fitness assessments and I quickly realized that I was way more out of shape than I thought. I was 10 lbs from my goal weight, couldn't even do one full push-up and quickly came to the end of myself during the 3 Body Back workouts that we did that day. And by that I mean- I thought I might throw up or cry and very nearly did. Okay- so I might have cried a little. I decided then and there to be IN the first session of Body Back that we offered.

Despite lots of childcare challenges and general busyness associated with fulfilling all of my roles: wife, mother, FIT4MOM Franchisee...

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